-squats down and looks under the seat he was sitting on- I, uh, I seem to have misplaced my pencil.. Would you mind helping me, um, look for it?

I feel like death

I’ve spent all day at the school where we’re doing Bye Bye Birdie, since we had a matinee and an evening performance, and I stayed through the middle to have lunch with my awesome friends. 

It was closing night, which was sad, but the evening performance was AMAZING, like, REALLY AMAZING.

Afterward, everyone went to this restaurant/bar in town that had a live band, and now, usually I want to sit with the adults/young adults, because I get along way better with them than the kids my age, and I have a much better time, but my mom seems to be the only one that understands that sitting with the other kids my age makes me miserable/bored (because my good friends that I actually enjoy spending time with don’t usually come to our little after parties), so I always end up stuck with these kids that clearly don’t want me there/don’t share a sense of humor/entertainment with me. 

But tonight, there were about five of us (my good friends and I) that sat outside near the adults at our own little table and we had a really really awesome time. Near the end, though, we went inside to jam by the band with some of the rest of the cast. They were playing some pretty awesome songs, Jessie’s girl, 867-5309 (Jenny), Johnny B Goode, and we were ROCKING and JAMMING and PARTYING IT UP. The band even recognized our theatre group and our show, and two or three of the quartet boys from Baby talk to me sang a song or two.

but I rocked too hard, and sang too hard and now I’m tired and I ache and my ears won’t un-pop and my throat’s sore and according to Tori I sound like I’m dieing. 

Goes to show it’s a bad idea trying to out-sing amps

It doesn’t help that I jumped off the front of the stage today, and even though it wasn’t that high, and I didn’t twist anything, the impact jolted up my legs and I’m pretty sure I pulled something in my lower back and just ow. 

DON’T. jump off the front of a stage

don’t do it

I’ve been told that for years, and I’ve done it maybe one other time

Don’t do it. 

Also, try not to rock too hard. 

It hurts. 

Today I started my last year of High School.  It was weird because I’ve never really felt like an older student since everyone in my grade is turning 18 and i’m only turning 17.  It was also weird being told I was a senior.  I can’t even begin to wrap my mind around it.  It was surprisingly a good day too! 

Explanation for the unintended Haitus;

Hey my lovely people it’s Gabbie.

Firstly I missed you all so much wow I’m so glad to be back you have no idea!

Secondly, the reason OSPL disappeared off the face of the earth is because my main account was terminated for violating the community guidelines (unfairly, in my opinion) and even though I don’t own this blog, because I am an admin OSPL got dragged into that and deleted.

Anyway; it’s back, we’re back and I’m back. Hopefully here to stay.

love you tons xx