Liam Hemsworth appears beautiful in every magazine cover and talks about romance with Miley Cyrus !


Actor, who stars in “Hunger Games”, opened up about career success and (of course) Miley Cyrus. Learn all!

You can be sure: you’ve never seen an interview just as revealing about Liam Hemsworth, actor and boyfriend of Miley Cyrus, as the March issue of Details magazine. Is that it, the Australian Cat talks about his expectations for the movie “Hunger Games”, which has everything to become a worldwide phenomenon, and the romance with the eternal diva of Disney.

In the article, says that Liam laughed when he auditioned for the movie with Miley Cyrus. The actor called his brother, Chris Hemsworth, and pissed off: “I just did a test with Miley Cyrus. This is not funny?”. At that time, the beautiful or two knew they would become lovers. Own!


"What happened, happened. And we have been together for 2 ½ years. When you get through this, you want to be professional, but when you’re shooting this kind of scene with a person pretending to love her, you’re not human if do not feel anything. Miley makes me very happy, “said Liam. The actor also had to know was how Billy Ray (Miley's father) and how you think the actress can not get a normal night (because of all this new controversy in marijuana).


In the interview, Liam also said he is not thinking about how your life will be after “Hunger Games”, the promise of the cinemas in 2012, debuting on the big screen in March. In the film, the character actor Gale lives.


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