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She wasn’t sure how to thank Rukia-nee, but Karin knew she had to try.

As she openly stared at the sweaty, bare-chested, glorious specimen before her–Hitsugaya Toshiroher favorite soccer player of all time–all Karin could do was inwardly bless the fact that her brother’s girlfriend was rich and had enough connections to get her into the locker room of the Karakura Lions.

Piercing aquamarine eyes looked at her curiously; she had to remind herself not to drool. Act like a normal person, Karin. If you fangirl, you’ll scare him.

“Nice game,” she said, excited when her voice sounded normal and not stalkerish at all. 

“Thanks.” He slung a towel around his neck, ready for a shower, but still had on his shorts and cleats. The rest of the team was starting to strip as well, ready to wash off the dirt and grime.

A men’s locker room was nowhere for a lady to be, but as Madarame Ikkaku walked by, naked as the day he was born, Karin couldn’t help but notice that this was the perfect place for her to be.

Hitsugaya sighed, embarrassed on Karin’s behalf. “I’m sorry. We didn’t know we would have visitors.” He ruffled his snowy hair. “Is there anything I can help you with?”

Sexy and polite. Yes, Number Ten was a keeper. “Well, I wanted to see if you would sign this jersey for me.” She swallowed. “But I can see you’re busy.”

“No, it’s fine.” He was staring at her, eyebrows furrowed as he signed the jersey with her proffered Sharpie. “Have we met before? You look familiar.”

Suddenly feeling self-conscious, she twirled the end of her ponytail around a finger. “I’ve been to a bunch of your games with my friend Rukia, but no, we’ve never met.”

He nodded in recognition. “Ah, Kuchiki. I think I must have seen you in a picture or something.”

“Picture?” she parroted faintly.

“The Kuchikis own this team.” He held out the jersey, pausing. “I’m not stalking you, I swear.”

A grin overtook her face as she reached for it, her fingers lightly touching his. He smelled like the outdoors–grass, sweat, and sunshine–and she just wanted to inhale him in.

Number Nine, Hisagi Shuuhei, walked by, ruffling Hitsugaya’s hair playfully. “Who’s this? Your new girlfriend?”

Hitsugaya brushed him off, cool annoyance radiating from him. “She’s not–”

“Yet,” Karin interjected smoothly, deftly writing her number on the left-forward’s arm. She hoped he would copy it down somewhere before showering, but she too hyped on her own forwardness to care. She winked. “I should get going. Thanks for the autograph.”

Hitsugaya only looked at her, slack-jawed.

ways of the wind

pairing: GaaSaku

summary: Because the world is constantly changing, and so are their touches.

dedicated to: SAYKUN BECAUSE IT’S HER BIRTHDAY SO YAAAAAAAAY. Hope you like it, darling! <33

The whisper of fallen leaves entered her ears as she strode through the village. It was autumn, a time when Konoha exploded in a myriad of colors, and kids gathered all around, plucking petals off trees and showing the purest of joys.

She caught the eye of one boy, a child she had healed once, and smiled indulgently. He grinned back, softly, innocently, and she found it ironic that his hair was red and his eyes green, wide and staring.

Sakura calmed her racing thoughts and looked away, towards the Hokage’s tower.

Because this autumn, there was more than one type of leaf that would be shifting.
- -
The subtle peace and steady camaraderie that Suna and Konoha had had been put on a banner after the war. But the other villages didn’t want mere hints at peace; they wanted a complete lesson on it.

And, so, they had arranged that all the Kages come to Konoha—leaving behind some kind of protection in their villages, of course.

Today was the day that they were meant to gather, staying for three days and two nights. Sakura was instructed to attend to Tsunade, Shizune having caught a contagious infection that she didn’t want to risk on anyone.

And when Sakura slammed open the door, strands flying, and laid her eyes on the one Kage who happened to be her own age and conveniently facing her, she couldn’t say she was particularly unhappy about the task.

“Ah, Sakura ” Tsunade commented, rising up from her chair and stepping forward. “Right on time, as always. The meeting is finished for today, I’ll just need your help tidying things up.”

Sakura’s eyes swiftly swept the room, taking in the scattered papers and shattered bottles.

But, then, no one had ever claimed that peace came without some war. Even a war like what had evidently happened in the room.

“Of course, Shishou,” she agreed patiently, used to Tsunade’s antics. She might as well have been Shizune, in fact. One shard of glass lay at her feet and, just as she bent to pick it up, a husky voice stopped her.

“Hokage-sama,” Gaara addressed. “Allow me to help her, please.”

Sakura marveled at the dips of his voice, so different from how childish it had once been. Now it was simply raw, powerful, and she felt that he’d be able to conquer worlds with just his words, if he wanted to.

Tsunade nodded, blinking perplexedly. “Of course, Kazekage-sama. I’ll, uh, leave you two….alone, then.” She backed out of the room, following all the other Kages and lightly shut the door behind her, giving Sakura a questioning look, as if she was supposed to know what any of whatever-it-was meant.
- -
The murmur came after they were just about done cleaning up the place. All Sakura had left to do was clear out the half-full cups of sake before shishou could stash them away and torture Shizune when she finally managed to get better. “Sakura-san.”

She tilted her head to indicate that she was listening. The motion was somewhat stiff and she hoped that he didn’t notice. “How have you been?”

There was a pull on her heartstrings when she thought that this was what years of mutual respect got them. An awkward conversation.
That and a sly, unexpected kiss om the battlefield, urgent and full of promises that they never realized they’d make.

A bloody, grief-ridden field, and a single, moment that just the two shared led up to a contact that had her stupefied and avoiding him. Until now.

“I’ve been well, Gaara-kun,” she replied. The suffix sama had been refuted many times, so she had finally given up on being formal. “Yourself?”

The answer she got was a sudden warm palm on the skin of her arm, hesitant like she didn’t think he’d ever be. “Waiting to see you,” he said, and his tone wasn’t half as hesitant as his touch. “Hoping that you were doing the same.”

She tried to control her heartbeat and the memory of his lips on hers in an occurrence she wasn’t sure they’d ever repeat, and held her breath. Listening for him to continue.

His arms encircled her and he tugged her around so that they were face-to-face.

And then he dropped a kiss onto her mouth, so familiar, hot like the desert and his sand gathering up behind him, and she rose up on her toes and reciprocated with the very fire she was always known for.

The only thought left over in her head by then was:

The shifting leaves of this autumn seemed to be morphing into something good.

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