modern university AU

Naruto style

Shikamaru and Temari both study International Relations. They get into heavy debates while working on their group project and “accidentally” have a lot of hate-sex. Somewhere along the line they realize they like each other and become adorably awkward.

Sasuke works in the college bar with his boyfriend Naruto. Sasuke could work in the fanciest cocktail bar if he wanted to, but the college bar is the only one that lets Naruto juggle and flip bottles. The most popular university drinking game is to drink every time Sasuke snarls or glares at a girl flirting with Naruto.

Gaara has a Political Studies class with Neji Hyuuga, Intercultural Communications with Hinata Hyuga and is heavily flirting with both of them because he can’t make up his mind.

Sakura is acing Pre-Med and still manages to work-out in the uni gym 3 times a week. She meets Tenten there one-day, who asks her out by inviting Sakura to come do archery with her.

Ino flirts with her Professor Kakashi because why not? and becomes shocked and flustered when he starts to flirt back. Kakashi started flirting just to mess with the student who was messing with him, but when she starts wearing those tight mid-drift shirts everyday he stumbles over his lecture slides.

Kiba and Kankuro meet at a college party and regularly visit the bar even though they don’t attend university. They make terribly inappropriate jokes, sneak into lectures and drink in the back and are basically the best of friends everyone can’t help but like.

Gaara Hiden: Flirting
  • Arranged Fiancee:This is so awkward. But this is the elders' wishes... Maybe I could try flirting with him a bit.
  • Gaara:Hello.
  • Arranged Fiancee:Oh, good morning Lord Kazekage. *Pause* So, is that sand in your pants or are you just happy to see me? *Instant regret*
  • Gaara:I always have an amount of sand in my clothes. It's much easier to form my sand armor if I'm in battle. It's quite convenient really. Though I'm not sure if the sand is able to convey emotions as you asked, so I'm afraid I'm unable to answer that portion of the question.
  • Arranged Fiancee:Oh, okay...
  • Kankuro:Gaara, I don't think that's what she meant.
  • Gaara:Hm? What did she mean?
  • Kankuro:*Leans in and whispers in Gaara's ear*
  • Gaara:*Eyes widen* Oh. Well then. You have beautiful...birthing hips?
  • Arranged Fiancee:...
  • Kankuro:*Facepalm*
  • Gaara:That wasn't the correct answer, was it?
Gaara became Kazekage at 15; 2 years to the end of the series, 10 years after that in the epilogue, and presumably 5 years after that in Gaiden, HE STILL IS.

this man’s literally been protecting and nourishing his village to peace and progress for more than half his life and i’m just sitting here imagining the look on his mama’s face in heaven and crying.

“If Kankuro can make a “puppet” or doll , Can you draw this situation ?”

Why not ? It’s funny to draw him concentrated ~ (And his siblings watch him  hu hu hu ! )

Note : The “puppet” is a random character , may be an OC or someone he just imagined to make the puppet.