Timing is Everything || Lawlund

Jen was awfully tired after running and kicking for more than two hours, but that couldn’t stop her from running away from the gym that day. She planned that day and she was determinated to follow it perfectly, especially because usually her clumsiness was ready to slow her down. Not that day though, not when she spent weeks trying to learn how to cook a nice dinner. It was her and Garrett’s third month anniversary and for her was pretty important, especially after all those short relationships she had. With Garrett though, things seemed to go in the right direction and she was really happy about it. Luckily things went pretty well: when he arrived home, he found a great dinner and candles on the table, atmosphere was important just like food for her. The evening passed between laughs, kisses, a little bit of wine and an exciting tennis match with the Wii before ending up in bedroom.

Soon enough the dress she took ages to pick was on the floor with her rest of her clothes. She really liked it, with all those lacy details.. but yeah, at some point it became useless. After a few hours of ‘bed activity’, she ended up falling asleep in his arms, wrapping the blanket around her to keep them warm enough in that cold night. The next day was going to be Valentine’s Day and they didn’t exactly planned something in particular, but she was still happy in any case. They didn’t need a lot to have fun together.

don't look at me like that. like.. like i'm damaged goods. i'm still me, i'm still here. i'm still me. maybe.. maybe i wont be here much longer but i'm right here baby, i'm right here. - adele, grey's anatomy s07e17