mythology alphabet: p - persephone [Περσεφόνη]

Persephone, a Greek goddess known in her childhood by the name Kore (or Cora, meaning young maiden), was the only child of the union of Demeter (goddess of the bountiful harvest) and Zeus, the mighty king of the Olympians. The Greek goddess Persephone was born when Demeter was Zeus’ consort, long before his marriage to the goddess Hera.

By all accounts Persephone had an idyllic childhood, raised by her nurturing mother and played with her father’s other daughters, the Greek goddesses Athena and Aphrodite. Always a cheerful and compliant child, the little goddess Persephone was a parent’s dream. Persephone

According to Greek mythology Persephone’s life was soon to change. As signs of womanly beauty began to shine along side her childlike innocence, the adolescent goddess Persephone unwittingly attracted the attention of the Greek god Hades, brother of Zeus and ruler of the Underworld. One can hardly blame Hades because the Underworld, in Greek mythology, was the realm of the sleeping and the dead. It probably needed some “brightening up”, and the young goddess Persephone’s radiance would assuredly liven up the place.

The god Hades, however, did not bother to woo the young Persephone, traditional goddess protocol notwithstanding. After asking for (and receiving) her father’s approval for Persephone’s hand in marriage, Hades simply abducted her one bright sunny day. When she stooped to pluck a narcissus from a field of wildflowers near her home, the meadow was suddenly rent open, and Hades simply reached up from the Underworld and snatched Persephone away, taking her to his Underworld kingdom and making her his queen.

Although the young goddess Persephone grew to love Hades, she remained lonely for her mother and the life she’d known on earth. 

Her mother, the goddess Demeter, had heard Persephone’s screams when Hades grabbed her. She began an intensive search for Persephone. After learning how Zeus had betrayed their daughter, and consumed by grief and sorrow, Demeter demonstrated her outrage by withholding her blessing from the earth until Persephone was returned to her. Droughts ensued, and the earth lay barren. Mankind was facing a major famine. Zeus finally relented and sent the god Hermes to bring the young goddess Persephone back to her mother.

Part of Persephone missed her mother horribly, but another part had grown rather fond of the god Hades. And Persephone was rather enjoying her role as Queen, even if it was in the Underworld. While preparing to return to the earth with Hermes, Persephone accepted a pomegranate offered to her by Hades. She knew full well that anyone who had eaten while in the Underworld would not be allowed to return, even a goddess — Persephone went ahead and ate six or seven of the seeds.

AU meme ; fairytailes!SHINee 
Key → The Snow Queen

"In the middle of the empty, endless hall of snow, was a 
frozen lake; it was cracked in a thousand pieces, but each
piece was so like the other, that it seemed the work of a
cunning artificer. In the middle of this lake sat the Snow
Queen when she was at home; and then she said she was
sitting in the Mirror of Understanding, and that this was
the only one and the best thing in the world."
 → Onew, Taemin

9. roommates!au

1. called the wrong number while drunk!au | 2. daycare!au | 3. role reversal!au | 4. noir!au  | 5. exes who just can’t stay away from each other!au |  6. extras on a movie set!au  | 7. teachers!au   | 8. bestselling author and harsh critic!au

Being honest, she doesn’t even like Killian Jones.

He’s messy and smug and annoying and his bed is entirely too close to his goddamned wall -the very same wall that her room is on the other side of- for the number of times he has nameless women in there. Emma has long since lost count of the mornings she’s entered the kitchen in the mornings to find a pile of his dishes dumped in the sink as though he thought they’d wash themselves.

(Well, she supposes he must think they do since Emma ends up doing them most of the time.)

Even if he doesn’t mind capturing the occasional spider since Emma can’t stand the little heathens, it doesn’t mean she likes living with him.

This is all David’s and Mary Margaret’s fault, and that’s a fact Emma never hesitates to remind them of when she visits their nice, clean apartment. Killian is a friend of Mary Margaret’s boyfriend David that Emma hadn’t really known very well before this year but at the time it was all all right since they had all planned to move together after college. Until David and Mary Margaret decided to be turncoats and get their own place together instead, leaving herself and Killian with little option but to move in together and pay a higher share of rent than they were expecting. They both apologised profusely of course for inconveniencing them but still, Emma curses them when she finds take away wrappers left on the coffee table and his smelly socks strewn across the sofa.

All of this, then, might make it a little difficult to explain why she’s straddling his lap on the very same sofa, fingers in his soft hair in order to tip his head back and currently kissing the shit out of him.

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Preference 114: He Crashes your Slumber Party (REQUESTED)

Luke: “Y/n, what’s really going on with you and Luke?” your friend asked with an expectant stare matched by the rest of the girls in the room. “Nothing,” you laughed, shaking your head, “We’re just friends. Besides, he has a girlfriend.” “But if he didn’t?” another girl prompted. “We’re just friends,” you repeated seriously, although you could feel your cheeks heating up against your will. “I don’t believe that for a second,” your best friend laughed, rolling her eyes. “I don’t have any feelings for him, and he doesn’t have any feelings for me,” you assured them all confidently. “Whatever you say,” another girl chimed in with a knowing chuckle. There was a knock at the door, and all of the girls turned to you to answer it. “I’m not expecting anyone,” you informed them, planning to ignore it. Just then your phone rang, and Luke’s name lit up the screen. “Ooh, it’s Luke!” the girl closest to you announced. Your friends squealed and you rolled your eyes, shushing them so you could answer. “Hey, are you home?” he questioned right away, sounding less perky than his usual self. “Yeah, what’s up?” you asked in concern. “Can you let me in?” he responded hopefully. You hung up and went to the door, but not before commanding your friends to be quiet. You were surprised to find Luke looking more distressed than you had ever seen him. “Luke! What happened?” you questioned, stepping outside to speak with him. “She cheated on me,” he answered shortly, his shaky breath making it obvious he had just been crying. “Luke, I’m so sorry,” you sighed, pulling him into a tight hug. He nodded and his breathing slowed down as you rubbed his back consolingly. “Can I - can I come in?” he asked, biting his lip nervously. “Um, yeah,” you answered hesitantly, “I have a few friends over, but they can keep themselves occupied for a bit.” Luke nodded and you opened the door. He was surprised by the ten pairs of eyes watching him with interest. “That’s a lot of friends,” he mumbled, waving to them weakly as he became more aware of his puffy cheeks and red eyes. “Let’s go to the kitchen,” you invited, tugging his hand to help him escape your overly-curious friends. 

Michael: It was a regular girls’ night in for you and your friends. Junk food, secrets, and hysterical laughter was the usual. “Y/n, which one of your brother’s friends would you most want to hook up with?” your friend inquired. You had to think for only a moment before responding, “Michael, but I think he sees me as more of a sister.” “Then next time you see him, make sure that changes,” she suggested with a smirk. You shrugged, knowing you could never seriously hook up with one of your brother’s best friends without repercussions. “Where is your brother, anyway?” another friend questioned, recalling she had not yet seen him in your house. “It sounds like he and his friends just got back,” you noticed, listening to the growing sound of voices downstairs. “Maybe Michael is here,” one girl stated, wiggling her eyebrows in your direction. You laughed, but shook your head as you informed them, “I’m not seriously interested in him.” “Y/n!” you heard a familiar voice shout, followed by footsteps climbing the stairs. Your brother and Michael soon appeared in your doorway. “Where is the remote?” your brother questioned impatiently. You were not listening, however. You were distracted by Michael’s eyes, for some reason locked on your own. “We put it back in the drawer,” your best friend piped up for you, “Did you even check there?” “Oh, no I didn’t” your brother remembered, hurrying off to check. “What are you all doing?” Michael wondered, taking a timid step into your bedroom. “Just hanging out,” you answered with a slight blush creeping up your cheeks as it always did when he looked at you. “Mind if I join?” he inquired, “They’re watching a horror movie downstairs and I’m not in the mood.” “I. uh, I -” you stuttered helplessly, taken aback by his sudden interest in your existence. “Please do,” your friend answered, scooting to the side so there was room for Michael to sit between the two of you. He smiled at you warmly and you returned it with a nervous grin, carefully avoiding the expectant stares of all of your friends.

Ashton:"I’m over him," you explained to your friends, shrugging nonchalantly. You could tell by their wary eyes that they did not believe you. "I am!" you insisted. "So if Ashton showed up tonight asking for you back, you’d say no?" your friend questioned doubtfully. "I would tell him to go to Hell," you responded decisively. As if on cue, there was a knock at the door. Your friends all turned to you, each one clearly thinking the same thing. "It’s probably just someone selling something," you assured them as you made your way to the door. You peered through the peep hole and your breath caught in your throat. You whirled around, your wide eyes telling all of your friends exactly who it was. "It’s Ashton," you whispered in a panic. "Do you want me to answer it?" one friend offered. You hesitated, but shook your head. "I’m over him," you reemphasized, "I can do this." You opened the door and your friends watched eagerly, wishing they could see more than just your back. They settled for carefully listening to the conversation ensuing through the barely-opened door. "Hey," Ashton began with his heart-melting smile, "Can we talk?" "I can’t right now," you informed him, "I have friends over and they’re actually waiting for me to start our movie, so I better go." "Can’t they just wait a minute longer?" Ashton pleaded. You were about to respond when a voice from inside yelled, "Y/n, hurry up!" You turned back to Ashton as if to say ‘I told you so.’ "Can I come watch the movie with you then?" Ashton asked suddenly. "Oh, uh, I dunno," you responded, not knowing how to say no. "Look, I just need a chance to explain everything," he shared, sounding exhausted, "Can I come in?" You sighed, knowing you had never been able to resist Ashton. "Yeah, you can come in," you mumbled, hating yourself for being so weak.

Calum: A crash from outside the window made you and your friends freeze. You paused the scary movie, listening for another sound. The creaking of a door came from your kitchen and your friend gasped. Already on edge because of the scary movie, all kinds of scenarios began flowing through your imagination. “We’re all gonna die,” your best friend informed the rest of the girls matter-of-factly. “Check it out, Y/n,” another friend suggested. “Why me?” you questioned indignantly. “It’s your house,” she responded easily. “We can all go,” you decided, getting to your feet and leading the group of girls through the dark hallway. You sneaked into the kitchen and were reaching for the light switch when you felt someone grab you. You screamed, and your friends screamed in response. You felt movement around you and strong arms surrounding you - strong, familiar arms. “Calum, what are you doing?” you whispered amid the chaos. “How did you know it was me?” Calum groaned as he held your arms securely behind you. “I know you,” you answered quickly, “Now what are you doing?” “The guys were bored,” Calum shared with a light laugh. “So you decided to kidnap my friends?” you inquired incredulously. “Well, yeah,” Calum chuckled. You sighed as the screaming of your friends continued. “Guys, it’s just Calum!” you shouted over the commotion. You instantly felt the energy die down. Soon enough the lights flickered on. You were met with angry glares from Calum’s band mates, who were each ignoring angry glares from your friends. “We can, uh, we can all go continue the movie if you want,” you invited weakly. “Perfect!” Calum agreed, releasing you and leading the way back into your living room as if that was his plan all along.

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