You know, I just saw a girl dismiss the fact that Harry called pink “his color” arguing, “I like blue. Am I a guy then?”, when, first off, no one had called Harry a girl, and that was not just the point. The point is that pink is seen as a traditionally feminine colour, a colour many men avoid completely or loathe because of its inherent femininity—as femininity is unconsciously considered degrading. That doesn’t happen when a girl likes “boy stuff”, because that’s socially acceptable. But Harry is a 20-years-old guy and yet he calls pink his colour. He is fighting gender norms with these little statements. That’s why it’s important. Harry is a precious human being.


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Teen!Dean moving to a new school and finding graffiti in the boy’s bathroom that says ‘Castiel Novak is a slut’. Dean, never one to let a good graffiti tip be ignored, sets out to track down Castiel, figuring he can have some fun before he inevitably moves on to a new school. 

Castiel turns out to be the cute, nerdy boy in his English class. Dean flirts with him, but Castiel doesn’t seem to notice. Dean walks Cas to class, sits with him at lunch and offers him lifts home at the end of the day. By the end of the week, Castiel is Dean’s firm friend but there’s definitely nothing more going on than that. 

They watch movies together, do their homework together and Dean keeps the twerps at school out of Cas’s hair. 

He soon realizes that Castiel is at the center of a bulling campaign by some of the other boys in their year. Before Dean came to the school, Cas used to be one of the popular kids, dating the quarterback but when Cas wasn’t ready for sex the guy dumped him and spread the rumor that Castiel was a slut. 

Since then, Castiel has been ostracized. People either ignore him and whisper behind his back, or they’re only interested in Cas because they think he’ll have sex with them.

Dean is horrified to realize that he was certainly in that second camp, but since getting to know Castiel, he’s falling for him more and more. Cas is sweet, funny and a little too blunt for his own good.

Dean knows he can’t mix Cas up in his life, that it isn’t fair because Dean will be gone so soon, but he can’t stop thinking about kissing Cas.