Prompt - Kłótnie

Anonim: (prompt) Ziall, AU. Są małżeństwem, mają dwóch nastoletnich synów. Zi i Ni coraz częściej się kłócą, nawet o głupoty, czasami dochodzi między nimi do bójek. Ich dzieci próbują zrobić wszystko, by znów byli zgodnym małżeństwem: próbują z nimi rozmawiać, wyciągnąć na jakieś rodzinne kolacje itp. I podczas jednej z takich kolacji do Nialla przyczepia się jakiś agresywny facet, a Zayna trafia szlag i wdaje się w bójkę z tym kolesiem. I jakiś happy end? Dziękuję;*

Autorka: Podczas pisania jakoś umknęła mi informacja, że mają mieć dwóch nastoletnich synów i nie miałam siły już tego zmieniać. Mimo to mam nadzieję, że prompt się spodoba:) Daj znać co myślisz:)


Muzyka sącząca się ze słuchawek głośno dudniła w moich uszach. Położyłem się na łóżku, w dłoniach trzymając książkę, w której po chwili się zagłębiłem. Potrzebowałem tego. Musiałem się chociaż na chwilę oderwać o tego co mnie otacza, żebym mógł później spokojnie zasnąć. Wiedziałem, że już jest późno i rano rodzice znowu będą się denerwować, że nie mogą mnie dobudzić, ale w tej chwili niewiele mnie to interesowało. I tak bym zapewne nie zasnął.

W pewnym momencie poczułem jak materac mojego łóżka się ugina, a małe ciałko wdrapuje się na mnie. Odłożyłem książkę i moim oczom ukazała się 6-letni chłopczyk. Jego ciemne włosy były roztrzepane, a niebieskie oczy wpatrywały się we mnie z lekkim strachem.

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you're my road walking me home - chapter 11

so i said this wouldn’t take as long as the last one…that was obviously a lie, sorry.

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chapter 1 | chapter 10

Niall Horan and Zayn Malik – secret romantic getaway?

Almost a week after their arrival in Ireland, it still seems as if bodyguard Zayn Malik (21) is the only part of singer Niall Horan’s (17) crew to have come with him.

They reportedly spent all oftheir time off together, with pictures of them going out with Horan’s friends popping up everywhere. Just last night, the singer celebrated his 17th birthday with friends and family and the released photos make it seem as if Malik didn’t leave his side all night.

Another report places them in a car – apparently the Horan’s family car – heading away from the pop star’s hometown Mullingar the morning before the party. “I swear I saw them kissing in the back of the car, they were past us too quickly to take a picture or to see who was driving, but I know it was them” a source tells us.

Again, this adds fuel to the rumours about the nature of their relationship they’re both so quick to deny and makes us wonder: Was it really just Horan bringing his bodyguard along for safety or could this have been a secret romantic getaway?


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After The Banana

This is a continuation of this so you can read it first. This is really short but someone asked so I decided to just kind of drabble. Hope you like it.


          Niall squeaked again as Louis pulled out the banana. Louis tosses it onto the coffee table and returns to playing with Niall’s fringe. Louis considers him, blushing and flushed straight down his neck, the pink disappearing under his shirt. Louis cups Niall’s cheek and leans down, aware that his mates are still watching, and smiles.

          “Have you ever kissed anyone before, Niall?” He asks. Niall nods softly. “Can I kiss you?” Niall flushes even deeper but nods again. Louis leans in and kisses him softly when Liam finally breaks out of his trance.

          “Louis! Leave him alone, Niall you don’t have to do this.” Liam says. Louis pulls back, letting Niall speak for himself.

          “I-It’s ok-okay. I kinda… like it.” Niall says. Louis sits down next to him.

          “See Li? It’s okay.” Louis pulls Niall into his lap with another squeak and holds him by his waist. Louis leans in close to whisper into Niall’s ears. “I think they liked the little show you gave them with the banana. Maybe you want to help them out with their… little problems?” Niall glances down to see visible bulges in all of the lads’ pants, and if the thing poking into his bum is what he thinks it is, Louis is in the same boat.

          “Do they-is it okay?” Niall looks back at Louis. He nods.

          “Come on lads, tell him it’s okay.” Zayn nods slowly and Liam still seems mortified but Harry seems to be looking at what seems to be a similar bulge in Niall’s jeans. Zayn steps forward first which prompts the other two to come closer. Zayn kneels down and runs a thumb over Niall’s bottom lip.

          “You okay love?” He asks. Niall nods. “You can stop any time you want to.” Niall nods again. Zayn sighs and leans forward to press a kiss to Niall’s lips. Zayn prods at Niall’s lips with his tongue and Niall opens up easily. When Zayn pulls back, Niall notices Harry rubbing himself through his jeans. Niall flushes deeper. He hears the sound of trousers unzipping and looks down to where Zayn is shimmying out of his slacks. Niall’s eyes widen at the size of the bulge that is now completely visible. Zayn stands up so his crotch is level with Niall’s face.

          “Go on,” Louis whispers. “Take them off.” Niall reaches out with shaky hands and slides down Zayn’s briefs. His hard length springs up, precome already forming at the tip. Niall takes it in his hand and leans forward to take the head into his mouth. Zayn moans softly and threads his fingers in Niall’s hair. Niall looks up at him to make sure he’s doing it right and Zayn moans louder at the sight of those pretty blue eyes.

          “So good, babe, perfect.” Niall tries to bob down further but only makes it half way. He pulls back, frowning, and wanks Zayn a little with his hand. He tries again and makes it farther this time, jerking the part he can’t reach with his hand. Zayn grips Niall’s hair tightly when he feels his cock hit the back of Niall’s throat. Niall glances at Harry and Liam and Harry’s got a hand down his trousers and Liam’s finally given into rubbing his hard-on through his trousers.

          “Fondle his balls a little.” Louis says in Niall’s ear. Niall reaches up with his other hand and does as Louis said. Three seconds later, Zayn is choking out a warning and Niall’s mouth is filled with warm cum. Niall splutters, not knowing what to do, and it dribbles out of his mouth. “Can you take another?” Louis asks. Niall nods looking at the other two. Harry steps forward and wrestles his trousers off, his briefs going down with him. Niall uses some of the cum he wiped off his chin to wank Harry and he moans just from the contact.

          “Shit, Niall,” Harry shuffles forward and Niall takes Harry’s prick into his mouth. It’s bigger in girth than Zayn’s, Niall notes, but shorter in length so Niall can take more of it. As he bobs down on Harry’s length, he feels Louis fiddling with Niall’s own trousers. Louis shoves a hand down his front and Niall moans at the feeling of someone else’s hand on his dick. Harry must enjoy the vibrations because he shoots into Niall’s mouth with no warning and Niall is forced to swallow if he doesn’t want to choke. He coughs a little but otherwise is fine. Harry steps away and Niall looks up at Liam, who’s pulled his trousers off already.

          “Is this okay, Niall? Really?” Niall nods and makes a version of grabby hands at Liam’s crotch. Liam sighs and steps forward, removing his own briefs and wow. Liam’s bigger than Harry in girth and longer than Zayn in length. Niall bites his lip but wraps his pale fingers around it anyway. He wants to try. Liam holds onto Niall’s hair softly, guiding him up and down his length. It’s a lot to take and Liam knows it, but Niall seems so persistent. Niall moans loudly when Louis starts grinding Niall’s bum into him and Liam’s fingers tighten in his hair. “God Niall, so good.”

          “You’re doing so well, babe,” Louis whispers in his ear. It’s the praise and the wet feeling on his bum from Louis’ release that finally pushes Niall over the edge and he cums in his pants, Louis stroking him through it. Liam pulls out and cums on Niall’s face. Everything slows down and finally stops. Everyone looks at Niall, face streaked with cum and looking absolutely blissed out. They help clean him up before cuddling on the couch together in their PJ’s to watch a movie.

          Niall falls asleep with a smile on his face, dreaming strangely of bananas.