• sunggyu:*sits down and opens book*
  • dongwoo:i'm not touching you!
  • hoya:ten steps back please -
  • woohyun:now if i just throw hearts this way...
  • sungyeol:woohyun you're an idiot. you do it this way *proceeds to throw hearts*
  • myungsoo:sungjong do you think i can get a picture of sunggyu hyung naked?
  • sungjong:what why?
  • myungsoo:no reason, just - someone might pay a pretty penny.
  • woohyun:*casually winks at myungsoo*
  • sunggyu:*closes book and stands up* nope.
ok but can we just talk about how dedicated Infinite are to their performances? there was a performance of ‘Sonagi’ they did that had no noticeable mistakes but they weren’t 99% in sync as usual... afterwards they apologised profusely for their ‘bad performance’ because they had just learned the choreo that morning... THAT MORNING... Infinite performed almost flawlessly live with choreo they just learned that morning...

They performed singing live and with virtually flawless choreography (and they were mostly in sync, it was only a stray member or two that was off during some verses) and yet they still apologised because they thought they were lacking and didn’t want to disappoint Inspirits.

You don’t just learn choreography (especially the Infinite kind) in a single morning, it’s not something that anyone can just do, they trained hard for years and they never stopped improving themselves (still in awe over 18 hours a day of pre-debut dance practice everyday) which was why they were able to pull off something amazing like this so last minute. These boys are just so amazingly dedicated and they deserve the world.

here’s the performance if anyone’s interested, it was Music Bank 140613