Bike Tour

Anon requested a review of my bike, and an explanation of what components I use, etc.

I’m very proud of my bike so I’m happy to oblige.  My bike is a 2012 Felt DA1 - at the time it was their top of the line TT bike.  I bought a demo at the end of the season.

The big advantages to a high-end frame are lower weight, the ability to custom fit the cockpit and better carbon fiber for a more comfortable ride (and of course great aerodynamics). In the picture below you can see that I ride with a 7 year old Garmin Edge 705 and I use a Profile Design bottle for hydration.


Probably the best feature of this bike is the Shimano electric shifters.  It’s awesome to just press a button and a moment later hear a quiet ‘click’ as the gear changes.  And I can shift from the horns/brakes as well as the aerobars.


My component set (chain rings, crank arms, etc.) is Dura Ace.  It took me a few years to find the right saddle, but now I’m hooked on my Adamo.  If you aren’t in love with your saddle you should try this one.  


Behind the saddle is an X-lab ‘wing’ and water bottle cages.  They don’t eject and are easy to access.  The wing also has a convenient place to screw in CO2 cartridges and hang a small tool bag.  On race day I will rent a Zipp 404 for the front and a disc in the back.  


I use Speedplay pedals because they’re easy to clip in/out.  I swapped out the left crank for a Stages power meter.  I used to have a Powertap, but the Powertap is built into the rear wheel hub.  Using the Stages power meter allows me swap out for race wheels.   In the picture below you can also see the Garmin speed/cadence sensor.


All the cables are run inside the frame; that’s a great feature but it makes it awkward to mount a bento box on the top tube for nutrition.  So I use electrical tape to mount my gels - I prefer this setup because ripping the gel off the tube means it’s open and easy to eat.  On race day I’ll have 7-8 gels taped on.


Considering I’m a very average age-group rider, this bike is definitely overkill.  But I figured it’s much healthier (and cheaper) to cope with a mid-life crisis by buying a ridiculous bike than the cliche Porsche or Corvette.  Anon mentioned that he/she was just thinking of getting started in biking/triathlon so I should mention that you can have a great time with a considerably less expensive bike.  If you’re not sure you’re going to like the sport, consider buying a used TT bike.  The person who bought my old bike definitely got a great deal. 

peter is not a very good pov character for unrequited pining fics, because he’s not really very good at pining at all.  he just sort of goes about his day as a single person and then romance slams into him from the side like a large truck from an outside source.  on the rare occasion he does get all piney he’s just sort of irritable and grumpy about it like i have better things to focus on than this get out of my head.  when he’s actually in a relationship though he’ll pine after the partner if they’re gone for extended periods of time, but that’s not usually the point of pining fics.

johnny on the other hand falls head over heels hard and fast and doesn’t feel too much pressure to devote his thinking time to things that aren’t pining so. much better pov character

your quality of life really diminishes when you spend several days a week laying in bed crying the entire day because you’re in too much pain to sit or walk

I can’t even count the number of classes I’ve missed and the number of plans I’ve canceled

I am in so much pain

Jake ended up coming over really late last night my suite mate was talking loudly on the phone and doing dishes and blasting music until 6am
Jake went out and yelled at her at 6am
I woke up at 8am today crying because my stomach hurts so badly
Yay 2 hours of sleep yay for always being in extreme amounts of pain