“Those born under the sign of the apprentice have a special affinity for magick of all kinds, but are more vulnerable to magick as well.” ―The Firmament

Those born in the season of Sun’s Height (July) 1st - 31st

Soul color:  Golden Yellow

Temperament:  The Apprentice is always seeking out the extremes for the sake of learning. They are vivacious, extraordinary, and sometimes quite odd. However the positives of this sign make their quirks rather charming. They listen well but do not budge on their opinions. Contradictory to their name, they do not take orders well and do not wish for anyone to impose their ideology upon them; perhaps that is why they remain ‘the apprentice’. They appreciate luxuries but are well aware of what is ‘overdoing it’. They are full of flare, drama, and extravagance.

Abilities:  This ability closely mimics that of altmeri blood. Having a natural affinity for magick, but being very susceptible to it. “Elfborn” is a common name given to those born under this sign. Altmer that are The Apprentice can have an outstanding ability to use magic, but can experience severe damage when struck with a destructive spell. These specific individuals usually follow paths that do not engage in combat, they may become peaceful enchanters or court wizards instead.

Friendships and Family:  The Apprentice delivers gifts to others at any chance they have expendable income. Although they are incredible hosts, they are also known for being realists. The Apprentice can be self-centered but not self-absorbed. They are forgiving people who do not dwell on the past, believing that everyone has ‘good’ within them. This personality type tends to attract others with ease.

Success:  They are incredible diplomats and deligators when it comes to managing others. They must be in command, in control, and determined not to fail. They make great advisers, public relation experts, and personal assistants in managing others. The Apprentice is a good ‘second set of eyes’ when overseeing the master’s work, but also prone to instigating drama within their profession.

Romance:  This sign falls for others like an anchor dropped in still water. Praise and adoration is the hook to catch this sign; they may not advertise that but it’s their bane. Once in a relationship, Those under this sign may appear to be self-centered despite showering their lover in gifts. They wish to look up to their partners, adore them, worship the ground they walk upon. If they are no longer in awe of their presence, they may consider another.

Struggles:  Not everything needs to be a dramatic play, and nobody is not prone to failure. When The Apprentice fails, they sink… They sink into vanity, stubbornness, drama, or pretentiousness. They will sink so low to become somebody they are not. The most important realization this sign needs to acquire: is that perfection is impossible. Imperfection is the allure of life, after all. 

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