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anonymous said:

Would Yoon Gi and Taehyung be up for elevater sex if you guys were stuck in there.

Yes. Yes they would.

Yoongi, well heh, this guy would just straight up fuck you against those cold steel doors you’ll be screaming his name and security would have to come asap and stop/open the elevator to see what was going on and that no one was getting beat up or anything haha. 

The two of you were just coming back from a movie (of course Yoongi had to choose a horror flick). Just as you were about to reach your floor, the lift makes a sudden sound and halts. The lights flicker and a moment later they go out, followed with a loud bang. You instinctively jump into Yoongi’s arms and he chuckles a little. He gives you a tight squeeze and kisses you in reassurance that nothing will happen. He kisses you harder than he intended and the next thing you know, he’s got you pressed up against the wall. "We might as well have a little fun while we’re here,"


Taehyung I don’t think would know how to go about this at first. He wouldn’t be as smooth as his Daegu hyung ^, but that’s not to say he wouldn’t get the job done.

The lift would come to a halt and the lights would shut off. A minute later the electricity lift reserve lights would turn on but it still would not be bright enough to light the whole lift. You’d be scared and would have already found yourself in Taehyung’s arms. He’d see your scared expression and kiss you on the lips to try calm you down. Just as he pulls back, you go in deeper and the next thing you know, your legs are wrapped around his and you can already feel him hard against your inner thighs.


- Unnie

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