some people use otherkin as a coping method. for some it’s a spiritual belief. for some it’s a phase they go through and they grow out of it. and you know what? that’s all fine. you know what isn’t fine? you saying “otherkin need help” and harassing teenagers who aren’t doing anything wrong because you think it’s silly.

// [ pretentious comic about Why I Hate Tumblr: Features a protagonist, the unsuspecting Featureless, Innocent Tumblr User, and Irrationally Furious Tumblr SJW. If effort is put into the comic, Featureless Innocent Tumblr User may be substituted for ‘Innocent White Cis Character’, or perhaps ‘Popular Anime/Videogame Character Who Knows What They’re Talking About’. Irrationally Furious Tumblr SJW can be depicted as either a featureless representation with the tumblr logo, or as a chubby dfab white person with short, dyed hair and possibly piercings. Comic begins with Protagonist uttering some phrase or word offhandedly, perhaps distracted from or unaware of the presence of Irrational SJW. The simple phrase causes Irrationally Furious Tumblr SJW to become Irrationally Furious with the Innocent Protagonist, and goes on an all-caps tirade, supplemented with as many exclamation points as possible. Depending on the subject matter, this part will mash together various forms of nounself pronouns, completely baseless claims of misogyny, ableism, or cultural appropriation (or, not so baseless, but presented in a wildly aggressive and Absurd manner), multiple -kin types, and/or a list of various ‘genderspecial’ genders. Protagonist is at a loss of words, perhaps uncomfortable looking. They feel threatened, attacked, bullied. In next panel, Protagonist offers a sound rebuttal, or points out a paradox in the previous Irrationally Angry Tirade. This catapults the Irrationally Furious Tumblr SJW into a lengthy tirade of which is probably in all-caps, bolded red text which grows smaller and smaller going down the word bubble to emphasize the sizable length of this Irrational Tirade. Protagonist seems worn out, confused, weary, annoyed, disgusted. Comic ends. ] //

Comic is uploaded only to tumblr, and possibly some subreddit dedicated to content like this.




I’ve noticed a lot of people calling westerners who enjoy wearing jfashion as appropriating Japanese culture and I don’t really get that, I mean as far as I’ve seen, most people who are found around harajuku are happy that their fashion is being adored by other people. I mean, that’s a big reason why the culture was developed because it was something they loved despite it being “unconventional” and from just about every interview I’ve seen with some kind of designer or model, when asked the question about the recent spread of jfashion, they seem to state that they love it and love the fact that other people are adoring it just like them. I understand other problems with the community like taking Japanese girls selfies and posting them without their permission and stuff, that’s terrible. But simply wearing and enjoying the fashion isn’t cultural appropriation at all.

I think the thing that surprised me the most out of my brief trip into the hellish abyss that is Plebcomics’ blog is that they don’t seem to have any ads on their blog.

You’d think that someone who spends a large portion of their free time browsing tags relating to various forms of discrimination and clicking on the blogs of whoever pops up just so they can spend an hour to draw a deeply exaggerated (See: Strawman argument) misrepresentation of that person’s angry posts so that they can get thousands of reblogs and just eats up all of the negative attention, various forms of hate and malicious content coming their way would actually attempt to make a profit off of the potentially tens of thousands of people all coming in to visit their page to see what all the hubbub is about.

It’s surprising to me that someone would willingly cast themselves into a boiling teakettle of bilious hatred and negativity daily just so that they could get a few likes and follows from people who support their egregiously simplistic and narrow-minded comics that serve no purpose to anyone and not exploit it for cash in some way

You’d think that someone who already spews crap on the daily about how much they dread having to hear about how their superfluous use of homophobic, ableist slurs are actually not okay to use would simply fall into line with the rest of the discordant, offensive cumlords who don’t give a crap about their public image or the thoughts and feelings of their fans if they aren’t of some demographic that they do actually care about, and just try to turn a buck on their misfortune of suddenly being exposed as a billowing trash-heap to everyone

Then again, they started their blog off by letting everyone know immediately that they are a billowing trash-heap, so maybe this allegory isn’t all that sage

I’m not saying tumblr sj is bad btw, I just want to encourage everyone to focus on more issues! That’s what social justice is about, to spread awareness and educate people about social problems, and that includes minorities like Latinos, Jews, Romani, etc.

Don’t feel attacked when I say this, it’s by no means an attack. It’s constructive critique, let’s just accept we’ve ignored lots of issues and instead of being mad at each other, let’s fix it!