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140822 oohsehun: Hello, this is EXO’s Sehun. I want to thank Suho hyung for nominating me to participate in this meaningful ice bucket challenge campaign. I hope that my participation in this campaign will bring strength not only to those suffering from ALS, but also those suffering from other diseases. If I had to nominate others to accept this challenge, it would be SNSD’s Yoona nuna, Supernova’s Geonil hyung and EXO’s Baekhyun hyung. Thank you.


I hope that through me, not only the patients who have amyotrophic lateral sclerosis but other diseases too can get a bit more strength and for those people, I will also donate.

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Few things to point out at sehun's ice bucket challenge

The text that sehun wrote was so meaningful, he spoke about why he was doing the challenge he said ” i am doing this because i can be a little help to those who have the ALS and other diseases. “

He showed how sincere he was and how much he was willing to do for those people, he donated some money as well. 

What i hate most is that some people think this is just another “challenge” to get yourself covered in a load amount of cold water with ice and just laugh about it, but it’s not!!

the real purpose of this challenge is to get a little feel of how people who suffers from amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS) feel the effects of their the disease which has is a numbness throughout the body it also give them a struggle to breath and it’s very horrible

throughout the whole video sehun kept his expression normal and didn’t smile and laugh about anything, unlike many others do ( im not saying they’re wrong but i dont think they really are serious about it )


when he poured the ice and cold water on himself, he kept silent and didnt say anything afterwards, he knows he shouldn’t say anything or laugh because the situation of being freezing and having your body react SO SUDDENLY because of freezing ice and cold water is not funny.

Laughing and jumping around because the water is cold and because your body feels a little numb is not what people who suffer from the disease would do.


i was honestly touched from this video..i thought i would squeal about it (i did a little) but on top of that im just happy that he’s such a great and an amazing person to do this in all seriousness and to write such words that would even encourage people in raising awareness and taking the ice bucket challenge more seriously instead of it being just a “challenge”