This was difficult… but thank you to everyone who entered, and without further ado (sorry it’s so long):

RSJ’s hair: Best URL
cutiepiejensen and samuletsam

That thingy at the tip of RSJ’s nose: Best icon
dumbledorkdean, and castielsgravellyvoice and sirentrash (as a pair, I don’t know if it was intended or not, but those 2 belong together)

RSJ’s bowlegs: Best theme
dumbledorkdean, unrulycas

RSJ’s singing voice: Best original content
curiouslycas [link to work]
archangabriel [link to work] and cutiepiejensen [link to work 1 2]

RSJ’s scruff: Best rising star
quirkykayleetam and dorkyassbutt

RSJ’s teethless mouth: Best posts
hearteyedsam and torchedgrace

RSJ’s kindness: Nicest blogger
quirkykayleetam​ and reallyscj

RSJ’s scruff: Best updates tab
kittiecas and watch-the-bees-dean

RSJ’s height: Best domain
samuletsam and afirecas

RSJ’s love for his fans: Best RSJ fan

RSJ’s hair swoopie in that one photo: Best Sabriel shipper

RSJ’s eyes: My personal favourite
cutiepiejensen and dumbledorkdean

Here’s a reminder of what you won

So far 3 of my friends have been targeted by anon hate messages as far as I know, and maturecas hasn’t been heard from for over 15 hours, and I’m terrified.

I’m gonna ask my followers this: If you don’t think you can handle it, and know that this is worse than just hate, it targets the persons weaknesses, if you ignore it, they send more. If you don’t think you can handle that DISABLE ANON, even if you’re not sure, even if you don’t think you’ll be targeted.

If you know you can handle it, get a stat counter that tracks IP-adresses, if a lot of people who receive hate gets this then they can all look for a common address and report that to the police.

AND get this script http://www.knowanon.com/ it makes it look like someone is using anon, but they’re actually not.

And please, if anyone knows something, LET ME KNOW, send me a message, just let me know.


My reaction to recent events concerning Ferguson.



I need to make Tumblr safe again

I need to make Tumblr a safe place for me again, so I’ll be taking a few precautions. Firstly I have added my pronouns at the beginning of my ask title and submit title, I have also made them my description on mobile, in addition to the bottom left updates bar, about page, and faq page where I had it before. Secondly I will no longer be polite when people misgender me, it’s not my fault, and I shouldn’t have to be polite when someone puts another scar into my skin, or one step closer to suicide. I will probably also post a lot less selfies, since I obviously still look like a girl, and the times I do I’ll add my pronouns as a caption.

Thirdly, updating my blacklist, which I started yesterday, but I’ll keep doing today as well.

Fourthly, unfollow people. I will be unfollowing most blogs I follow who doesn’t tag properly, there will be very few exceptions, and I won’t care if we’re mutuals, or if you post a lot of Richard Speight Jr., or Sabriel, or if I followed you recently, I need to make Tumblr safe, which means worrying about myself.

I’ll also keep my blog running on a queue, like it has done for a while now, since I might go days without going on my dash, because I’m too scared, if the other steps work, I may go back to regular reblogging.

If I still don’t feel safe after this, I will leave Tumblr. The most important part is getting people to stop misgendering me.