So far 3 of my friends have been targeted by anon hate messages as far as I know, and maturecas hasn’t been heard from for over 15 hours, and I’m terrified.

I’m gonna ask my followers this: If you don’t think you can handle it, and know that this is worse than just hate, it targets the persons weaknesses, if you ignore it, they send more. If you don’t think you can handle that DISABLE ANON, even if you’re not sure, even if you don’t think you’ll be targeted.

If you know you can handle it, get a stat counter that tracks IP-adresses, if a lot of people who receive hate gets this then they can all look for a common address and report that to the police.

AND get this script http://www.knowanon.com/ it makes it look like someone is using anon, but they’re actually not.

And please, if anyone knows something, LET ME KNOW, send me a message, just let me know.


My reaction to recent events concerning Ferguson.



Taking care of a three year old is impossible.

"I don’t like peelings"

"We’ll you’re gonna eat them because you got the apple when you weren’t supposed to."

Kid bites the apples and throws all the peelings on the floor.

Tell her to pick them up and throw them away, she goes and throws them in the wardrobe.

Then she goes the the bathroom.

And she pees on the lid.


I’m not even babysitting today (my sister is technically supposed to be watching her) and she’s driving me nuts as I chase her round the house.

We go our whole lives wishing someone will see us for who we really are
And when they do, we don’t like how the judge us.
I don’t like my own shadow but I welcome it anyway,
My sins are my own so I’ll stand tall and be proud of them.
For a while you thought I was the hero, who would sweep you off your feet and we’d live happily ever after.
And then you discovered I was the villain that had to be stopped, but try as you might, I’m unstoppable.
Sorry about that. Sorry about the moans during the night, and the dirty whispers, and each filthy kiss.
I know you regret them now.
I know my name sends a shiver down your spine and I know I’m your biggest nightmare.
You know that you threw yourself at a bad man that fed off your love, which is why you’re your biggest nightmare too.
Sorry about that.
The self hatred gets better with each killer bottle. You learn to hate yourself in ways that kill you slowly. Because the pain of abandonment isn’t enough of a punishment for getting down on your knees.
You were never the hero either.
But at least you weren’t the villain! I would go as far to say that you were the victim.
I’m so sorry darling, you were my prettiest victim I ever had. Dear darling, I’m sorry for sleeping with you and telling you I love you and leaving you broken.
You see, broken things like me love pure things like you.
And then we break them.
Sorry about being the villain. I never wanted to be the villain. I always wanted to be the hero.
—  Morbid Truth