A cute little whimsical playroom for your kids to have and joke around in. The set is small, consisting of the following items:

Grass Decal
Frog Bookend
Tree Stump Table
Mushroom Poufs
Hanging Leaf Chair
Apple & PeaPod Cushions
Window Bench (table)

Please download at OnyxSims.


The Twitter account @MusicBizSpy has been active since 2012, and claims to be an insider to an array of many different celebrities. Recently, they have been posting about Lady Gaga. They claim that Miley Cyrus has collaborated with Lady Gaga for a song titled ‘Eat It Raw,’ and it will be released this summer. They also claim that Lady Gaga’s lead single ‘Silicone Lover’ will be released this summer, for her fifth (untitled) album, which will be released January 2016. The music video for the lead single will also be the Telephone continuation. 

What do you think? Insider, or long-time troller? 

What I’ve Learned About Being Black in America

Where I am: Seat 13F on Delta 1876 (LAX to Detroit)…we’re almost there
What I’m Listening to: Damien Jurado - Ohio

Since the age of eight, most of my best friends have been black males. Making hip-hop music often landed me in Detroit ghettos because that’s where the other rappers lived. I was usually the only white person rapping in these cyphers. After graduated from high school I interned at a hip-hop radio station in Detroit where I was the only white intern. It was there I met Big Sean and became a part of his crew, Finally Famous, in which I am the only white member. Basically what I’m saying is, I’ve had extremely close friendships with many black males most of my life. From all of these friendships, this is what I’ve learned:

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Sorry for my absence this last week or two! Hope I can make up for it with this absolutely phenomenal track. Toronto-based Denim Skeletons came onto my timeline, and they immediately caught my ear with their track Bully. Looking forward to what they put out next!

The new five-episode series, starring Jamie Dornan as serial killer Paul Spector and Gillan Anderson Detective Superintendent Stella Gibson, is expected to be televised at the beginning of 2016.
—  The Irish News

My new dolls all came! I have to fix Bunny’s and Mouscedes eyes though, they are just so wall-eyed poor things! 

Elle is super cute in person and I love her hair colors! Luna is really neat as well, my only complaint is that they must have really dropped the ball on quality control for the Boo York line, as my Elle’s knees won’t rotate (and they are about wring off from just attempting to move them around) and Mouscedes left upper arm is cracked and not completely glued together… Mattel is already closed for the holiday, but I’m definitely going to have to take this up with them.

Happy arrivals and hunting to everyone else looking! I’m so excited to be nearly all caught up!

While most people associate it with foodies and the organically obsessed, the history of urban agriculture actually dates back to ancient Egypt. It has been a staple of food production for almost every densely populated civilization and famously Americans were encouraged to home-grow vegetables by the government back during World War II. At its peak, almost half of the produce consumed by Americans was grown in small, urban gardens and backyards, freeing up industrial agriculture resources for the war effort. The concept of urban farming and agriculture is rather simple: in areas where there simply isn’t the free land to cultivate large yield crops, proponents use what little free space they can find to grow what they can. It usually takes the form of small backyard gardens, potted patio gardens, and even, in modern times, soil-less hydroponics.

Itself not a new concept, hydroponics generally removes soil from the equation and instead relies on nutrient supplements and water to grow plants in a smaller area than traditional growing methods require. Beyond the cool factor of growing food in a new, high-tech way, the benefits include reduced pest infestations and a higher yield harvest. Until recently hydroponics set ups were often expensive and required more space, infrastructure, and technical know-how than most hopeful home gardeners were capable of. But with advancements in 3D printing, low-cost options are just now starting to become available.

3Dponics is currently leading the charge of small, inexpensive at-home growing systems. The original 3Dponics system required only a handful of 3D printed parts, some old two liter soda bottles, and a small water pump. The tiered system was designed to be extremely simple to set up and use, and having actually used the original system to grow strawberries and tomatoes, it worked great. But while their original system worked, it clearly isn’t for everyone, so since their launch last year they have consistently been refining, improving, and even one-upping their first grow system.