#24 You're The Air I Would Kill To Breath (AOMG's Gray)

You, being a leader of a famous 4 member girl group is a big pressure when it comes to the public. You don’t know how to act or what to act. You’re currently in the bar, sitting with your guy friends Jay Park, Loco, Simon D and all AOMG guys. You’re watching your boyfriend Gray being flirty and declaring he’s single because you guys are in public and you wouldn’t do anything scandalous because of your career.

“Fuck this shit!” You said while drinking. The guys looked at you like a scared kindergarten while your bestfriend also a main vocal in your group is chilling and taking a selca for her to post in instagram.
“Choke him..” Your bestfriend, Kia said. You raised your left eyebrow trying to hide the frown that replacing your face.

“If he kiss her.. I’ll dump him” You said calmly. You watched Gray dancing, hugging, caressing the girl’s face. The girl leaned to him and kissed him.

“SHE kiss him.. is that count?” Simon D said. You shaked your head and gathered your stuff.

“I’m leaving..” You said. You didn’t wait for their answers, you just walked away.

You hopped in the van, your manager noticed your bad expression. He started to ask you some questions.

“What happened?” He said. You sighed and closed your eyes.

“This is why.. I hate going out with him.. he’s rubbing it to my face that I couldn’t be like other girl in public.. like? heck! I have career.. everyone’s eyes is on me..” You ranted. Your manager just made an ‘Ohh’ face.

When you got home, you immediately wash up and head to bed. You felt mad because of that, but what’s the point of thinking about that right? You heard a bang outside. You sighed and stood up to check who it was… and it was Gray.

“What are you doing here?” You said coldly. Gray looked at you like he’s bored.

“What did you leave?” Gray said. You noticed he’s voice… it’s husky, out of breathe for short he’s drunk.

“You really asking me?” You said. You faked laugh hiding the pain that rising on your chest.

“Yeah…” He said. He walked up to you and grabbed your arm for a hug, but you pushed hin away.

“Don’t touch me.. insensitive jerk!” You growled. Gray stepped back. You never been mad like this and of course, this time you’ll be really mad because of his action a while ago.

“It’s funny how you don’t care about how I feel.. you only care about yours.. I’ve been thinking some scenario in my head lately how to date or go out with you in public but what? you gave me a reason to stop thinking about those but think about how I could get away from you.” You said. Tears fell down on your cheek, you wiped it and stepped back.

“Leave.. Lee Sunghwa. Leave” You said. Gray couldn’t say anything.. guilt, anger, and pain are hitting him at once. He’s not angry to you but to himself.

“I-I’m .. —” Gray said. You cut him off and pointed the door.

“Don’t.. please… don’t! and leave!” You said. He gulped and inhaled the negative air that hovering around you both. You avoided his eyes, you turned your back to him and headed to your room. You locked the door and laid down. Tears are finally unstoppable.

•Next Day•

You woke up early in the morning. You decided to have some coffee, you headed to your kitchen but you saw Gray cooking breakfast.

“I told you to leave last night…” You said as you pour some coffee on yor mug from the coffeemaker.

“You think.. I’m gonna leave just like that?” He said. You rolled your eyes and leaned on the counter 3 meter way from him. Gray came near you and held your both arms tightly. You tried to get away put you failed.

“Look.. I was inconsiderate, insensitive, jerk, asshole, bitch, selfish, and whatever names you wanna called it. But on the other side, I fucking love you.. I love how you think, your attitude and personality. you’re the air I would kill to breath! Forgive me.. one last chance.. I’ll treat you better… best! this time..” Gray said sincerely. Your couldn’t say anything… his words touched your heart. You exhaled and nodded. He kissed your lips passionately and you kissed him back. The kiss was long, passionate, and hot. After the kiss, you both end up smiling and exchanges “I love you’s”.

I couldn’t think of any, so I did this. Sorry. If you don’t like it. The title is really long, and this for y'all bc you didn’t like the smut I wrote. I tried tho. lol.

anonymous asked:

how are we supposed to discover new underground rappers when they add so many known rappers?what's wrong with this season

I know.. at every smtm new season I was looking forward to discover unknown underground rappers…this was the beauty of this show

and now they added so many contestants…I have no idea what will happen next

there are a lot of things that are wrong with this season >.<

anonymous asked:

I don't know how I really feel about this cause I feel like they are taking the shine off the underground rappers that are trying to make it and have there time.... now I can see one or two but all these idols are too much

same anon…I was so happy when I saw that P-Type will be there and then they began adding idol rappers…ok, I agree with 1 or 2 since there were idol rappers in last season too…but now what the hell…I lost count on how many they added >.<

this season will be fucked up in my opinion.. it’s so unfair for the underground rappers…this show was meant for them but..since last season they screw it up