Remember when Cas found out about the Mark of Cain?
He was totally clueless and then one night Dean touched his shoulder.
It was when Cas’s eyes popped out realising what Dean owned. What sacrifice he made.

"What have you done?" he said to him and Dean just said he was doing everything to kill Metatron no matter what. That was when it became really sad.

Remeber Cas’s words?
“Dammit Dean”

You Die Pt. 2 (Dean Imagine)

(I saw the Maze Runner yesterday and it was amazing, just like the book. I couldn’t form coherent words after it was over. Anyways, it was requested that I do a second part to You Die, so here we go! I’m sorry if the ending isn’t that good, it’s like 2:30 AM and I’m falling asleep on my laptop so I may rewrite the ending in the future. I hope you like it and thank you for reading! I think that’s all I have to say for once… We luh ya all so much, baes. –Ann)

Part Uno

It had been about a month since your death. You weren’t lying when you told Dean you didn’t want to die, that you wanted to stay. So you did.

You knew Dean would keep your necklace, a stone carved into the shape of an arrow, strung onto a (now very worn) piece of dark brown string. He had it with him everywhere he went, enabling you to be with him too. At first it was infuriating, trying to get his attention. You would try everything, flipping pages in books, moving their guns from the nightstand to the kitchen table, slamming a door, but it was exhausting and the Winchester’s remained clueless.

Once, you almost did get Dean’s attention.

He was sitting at the big table in the bunker, a glass of bourbon in one hand, your necklace in the other. His eyebrows were knitted together in regret as he let the tattered cording slide through his fingers and fall onto the table. He downed the rest of the bourbon, setting the glass down before running his hand over his face, an exhausted expression that had become standard crossing his face. This was how things were almost every night and you hated it. You hated seeing him tearing himself apart, blaming himself for your death, and not being able to do anything about it.

You tried to touch him, to show him that you were still with him, but your hand went right through him. You tried to talk to him, telling him it wasn’t his fault, but your words were a hopeless shout into the void. He couldn’t hear you, he couldn’t see you, and he couldn’t feel you.

“Dammit, Dean! I’m right here!” You finally cried, the built up frustration of the whole situation causing your outburst. You were surprised when Dean perked up, looking around with wide eyes.

“(Y/N)?” His voice sounded tired, vulnerable, and unsure.

“Yeah, it’s me! It’s (Y/N)!” You could barely contain your excitement as you rushed to his side, taking a seat next to him. Finally, something was working.

But then he didn’t say anything for a while, and then he sighed, muttering, “I am so drunk.” Your face fell as he got up, taking your necklace, and left the room.

Since then, you did your best to help the boys on cases. At first you did simple things like pulling out books and newspaper articles. After a while, you felt your spirit getting stronger, so when you had the chance, you would take the necklace out of Dean’s pocket and go on to do some not-so-simple things like distracting a vengeful spirit while Sam and Dean were salting and burning the bones. And that’s when Dean began to notice your presence.


“Hey, Sam, have you see (Y/N)’s necklace?” Dean came into his little brother’s room looking troubled, to say the least.

“Um, no, why? Did you lose it?” Sam frowned, looking up from his laptop screen to give Dean a concerned look. Dean barely ate, preferring to drink away his misery, and sleeping hadn’t exactly been a priority on his To Do list either lately.

“I always have it with me, it’s always in my pocket.” Dean insisted, turning back around to leave before stopping, an idea suddenly making its way into his head. “You haven’t noticed anything weird going on around here, have you?”

“Dean, I’m sorry, but I don’t think (Y/N) is here, if that’s what you’re talking about. We gave her a hunter’s funeral, remember?” Sam deadpanned. The last thing Dean needed was to entertain a seemingly impossible idea.

“Well, then how do you describe the research being done for us? The newspaper clippings? And what about that thing with the spirit in Missouri?” Dean immediately became defensive, adding up the recent happenings and connecting them.

You took this as your chance to finally let the boys know you were here. You slid a piece of paper over on Sam’s desk, picking up a pencil, and began writing,

Dean, I’m okay.

It’s really me, I’m here.


Both brothers watched in amazement as the pencil moved across the paper to reveal the message that you were, in fact, still on earth.

“(Y/N)…” Dean’s face broke out into a smile as you appeared in front of them, your expression mirroring Dean’s.

“Why can we see you?” Sam asked, still just stunned by your sudden appearance.

“I took the necklace, it’s what’s keeping me here… I wanted to stay… But only for a little while, only for one reason.” You answered hesitantly, meeting Dean’s eyes before shifting your gaze back to Sam.

An hour later, you and Dean were in a bar… well, Dean was the only one in the bar that could see you, but there weren’t many people so it was the perfect opportunity to talk.

“Why did you stay?” Dean asked quietly, almost under his breath, so no one around him could hear.

“At first, it was because I wasn’t ready to die, but now it’s because I need to tell you that it wasn’t your fault. And I need to tell you to move on.” You answered, watching as Dean took a sip of his beer.

“Move on? How the hell am I supposed to do that?” He demanded, a hurt look crossing his face.

“Dean, you and I both know you can’t mourn forever. I just want you to know that eventually you will find someone new, and when you do, it’s okay. Look at that blonde over there, she’s cute.” You pointed to a petite blonde with curly hair and hazel eyes drinking with another girl, presumably her friend.

“My dead girlfriend is trying to hook me up with another girl… You’re sick, you know that, (Y/N)?” Dean asked, smiling sadly. You returned the gesture, sliding off the barstool.

“Come on, it’s time for me to go now.” You said softly, taking the necklace off as Dean paid and you left the bar. In the empty parking lot, Dean pulled out the lighter and you handed him the necklace.

“I love you, Dean, so much.” You whispered, wishing you could just feel his skin under yours one last time.

“There has to be another way, (Y/N).” Dean’s voice was pleading as he choked out the words but you shook your head.

“It’s okay.” You smiled, a genuine smile. “I’m okay.”



Title: Title

Pairing: Reader x Dean

Word Count: 2,993

Theme song: Title by Meghan Trainor

Request: Hey huge fan of your writing! I was just wondering if you could do a deanxreader imagine based on Meghan Trainor’s song called Title… Thanks!!




Dean Winchester was a smart man. He’d often call himself the grunt, say Sam was the brains of the operation because Sam had gone to college, gotten himself a scholarship. And it was true that Sam was smart, but that was all on paper; just because Dean didn’t have a degree didn’t mean he was dumb. Yet there was still one little word, not a difficult one, a simple two syllables, that Dean just didn’t seem to be able to say.

His hand lingered over yours, tracing lightly over your knuckles and fingers as you drove, sitting beside him with Sam taking a space in the back. The three of you pulled up to the old cabin, police tape streamed around it like some kind of morbid ticker-tape parade. Police cars lined the area and the place was a plethora of activity. You all flashed your badges to the detective in charge who lifted the tape for you, allowing you further into the scene.

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For the Anon who requested the Dean x Reader fic. Where The Reader fights her way to Dean through a demon cave. Fluffy.

Dean x Reader
Crawling Out of Hell

You gritted your teeth against the pain in your leg, as it felt like you had been stabbed by a thousand knives. But in all reality, it had only been a demon claw. You couldn’t put pressure on the wound because your hands were tied and you couldn’t get loose. Why did demons have to be so good at tying people up? You tried to pull your focus off of the searing pain in your leg by retreating to your thoughts. Why had you come in here in the first place? Had you really thought that you could face a demon like this on your own?

But he had been threatening Dean.. he had been threatening the man you loved and you weren’t going to stand by and let anything happen. You were a good hunter- a great hunter, really- but you couldn’t handle this. And you shouldn’t have let your sentiment cloud your judgment.

Sighing, you said in a small whisper, “I’ve been hanging out with the Winchesters for too long.”

You were suddenly pulled out of your thoughts by the echoing sound of pained screaming. A scream that belonged to a man.. that belonged to Dean. The sudden rush of adrenaline you felt at the thought of Dean, or even Sam, being injured Sent your senses into overdrive.

You pulled on the ropes tying your hands as hard as you possibly could, the rough fibers bringing blood to the surface as they scraped and pulled against the skin of your wrists.

With one last panicked pull, your hands slipped free of the bindings, and you lept for your pile of things, that the demon had torn from you, and grabbed your knife and hand gun. as soon as they were in your hands you rolled to your back and shot at one of the host body of one of the many demons that had rushed into the room at the sound of your breaking free. The host body fell backwards -just enough time for you to get to your feet and assume a fighting stance.

"If you have put one damn claw on either of the Winchester boys, I will come in here and find a way to slowly kill every single one of you. I wont send you back to hell. No. Ill kill you.." you whispered, venom practically dripping from your voice. You used you steel toed boot and kicked the demon under the chin, before turning on your heel and running towards the struggling voices.

As you got closer, you slowed down and hugged the wall, assessing the situation before you ran in.

Sam was holding his own against a large possessed man and the there was Dean.

Dean was being held by the neck against the wall of the cave that had led to your prison. His feet struggling for something to support himself on, and his hands clawing at anything he could grab. Seeing Dean like this lit a fire in your that burned brighter than ever before. You didn’t care if they were innocent possessed people. You were going to kill them.

In the blink of an eye, you pulled your knife -that was about as long as your forearm- and swung with all your might. The mans head toppled off his shoulder and blood dripped from your blade. At that same moment Sam used the butt of his shot gun and knocked the man he was struggling with out.

You, Dean and Sam just stood there staring at one another. You met Deans eyes and suddenly couldn’t restrain yourself.

"Dean! oh my God. I thought they were going to kill you. They had threatened you so I went after them and -" Dean cut you off with a sweet but urgent kiss.

"I swear, " Dean whispered, "if you ever do something like that again.. I will kill you myself.. But I couldn’t be more proud or impressed than I am right now. Even a bit turned on." he was holding your cheeks with both hands and staring into your eyes, a small smile pulling at his bloody lips. You let out a struggled laugh through your tears.

"I would let you kill me if it was because I saved you life. I would do anything for you, Dean.." you whispered. mirroring his actions and grasping his face with your hands, you pulled him down for a kiss that made everything disappear, including the adrenalin over load, which made you remember the pain in your leg. When you gasped, Dean bent down and examined your leg.

"Its okay, babe.Ill get you patched up."

You and Dean were lost in each other. You were lost in his eyes, and his smile- blood and all- that made you want to kiss him more than ever before. As you leaned into him once again, you heard a cough and turned to look at Sam.

"Yeah. its no problem. Ill just stand over here while you guys do.. whatever you’re doing.." Sam waved his hands at the two of you, and you smiled.

"Sorry to make you feel left out, Sammy." Sam rolled his eyes at the nickname, "We can go. Dean and I will finish this later." you said give Sam a sweet smile before meeting Deans eyes and grasping his hand.

"Lets get out of here." Dean said, and began leading you and Sam through the tunnel, back to the surface, back to the sun, and to a place where you could get your freaking leg taken care of. Because, Jesus, did it hurt like a bitch.

  • <b></b> I wonder if Dean ever prays dirty things to Cas...Like sexting but through a prayer. Like Cas enters the room and is all.<p><b>Cas:</b> "Dean, your prayer was very inappropriate."<p><b>Dean:</b> "Well it got you here didn't it."<p><b>Cas:</b> "My pants are very tight now and a I don't know why."<p>