One of the stars of Downton Abbey has talked movingly about the loss of his wife following an eating disorder. David Robb, who plays Dr Clarkson attended a service of remembrance at Norwich Cathedral. His wife - the actress Briony McRoberts - took her own life last last year after suffering from anorexia.

Day said she’s kept quiet out of fear of getting doxxed or hacked.

You did NOT just fuck with Tallis, assholes!! You. Did. NOT.

Also, how telling is it that doxxing happened ‘within minutes’? Finding people’s personal information takes time. Clearly someone procured this beforehand. As in: to have available for use in case this woman would have the nerve open her mouth on the subject.  It’s got nothing to do with arguments or ‘journalistic integrity’. The only thing it’s got anything to do with, is hateful and swift punishment of women for the very act of speaking.

…and welcome to The Seventh Level of Hell The Fade…

Everyone who hasn’t played DA is probably wondering “What’s so wrong with this part of the game? It can’t be that bad. Just get a walk through…”

*cue the hysterical laughter/crying*

(My first play though I spend DAYS lost in this part of the game)

HOT SPOT: ya compartieron pantalla en la película televisiva, ahora Christina Ricci y Clea Duvall van a retomar sus roles en la serie basada en la vida real de la asesina Lizzie Borden. La película me pareció imposible, espero que con la serie me den más ganas de ver a Chris y a Clea… lástima que haciendo de hermanas :(