Dragon Age School Life

My boyfriend and I were talking about if Dragon Age were a school life otome game, and we were assigning character roles. Here is what we came up with.

Cullen- Prince type/ Class President
Alistair- Funny, adorable childhood friend
Solas- Teacher
Zevran- Sexy Foreign Exchange Student
Anders- School Doctor (who will blow up the school if you get his bad end)
Fenris- Bad Boy/Rebel type
Iron Bull- Jock
Sera- Class clown/Prankster
Dorian- RIch Preppy Kid
Cassandra- Tsundere Captain of the Soccer team.
Varric- Undatable Literature Professor
Aveline- Principal
Shale- Mascot
Merril- Shy/sweet nerdy girl
Isabela- Female Rebel/bad girl Always in detention
Leliana- Head of Disciplinary Comity / Head Snitch
Morrigan- Weird(but hot) goth kid (everyone thinks she’s a witch)

I want this game to be real now! XD