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This Is What I Came For (part 1/?)

Thought I would try my hand at a modern AU thing. I don’t know how this will turn out, but I’m liking it so far. This will be a multi-parter.

Cullen was just settling into bed as he finished reading an article about the effects of caffeine at an early hour, when he heard the pleasant chime of his doorbell. Who could be visiting at this blighted hour? He reluctantly got out of bed and slipped some trousers and a loose button down shirt on. He stumbled, yawning and stretching, to his front door, looking at the clock in his kitchen before greeting the visitor. 12:37am. Maker, was he tired.

He cracked the door, fully expecting it to be his landlord or that weird fifty-something year old who always giggled when she saw him. But he was greeted by a tall, thin, and gorgeously tanned man with a ridiculously curled mustache resting atop full and smirking lips. This clothes were perfectly ironed and stylishly exotic, obviously Tevinter. Cullen opened the door the rest of the way, the man’s enchanting presence nearly pulling him out into the corridor.

“Can I help you?” He didn’t mean for it to sound rude, but he was tired and couldn’t think with the Tevinter’s eyes on him.

“Dorian Pavus,” the man extended his hand in greeting, his grip sure and tempting, “I heard you were looking for a roommate, of sorts.”

“Cullen Rutherford; yes I was, or am, I suppose. Would you care to come in?”

Dorian grinned and stepped past Cullen into his quaint apartment. It was sparsely decorated: a few pictures of who Dorian assumed were the man’s family, and a surprisingly lively plant in the corner by the window.

“May I ask why you’re looking to rent out one of your rooms?” Dorian casually judged everything he walked by, brushing a few fingers over the Jade plant; fitting for the cold of Ferelden.

Cullen closed the door behind his guest, watching his movements and the way he scowled at the lackluster furnishings in the living room. “Money’s been a bit tight, but I really don’t want to move. This is an excellent neighborhood, there’s always tons to do around town, not that I get out much.” Cullen chuckled at his own stubbornness as he rubbed at the back of his stiff neck.

Dorian hummed, “So are you going by best possible candidate, someone you can see being friends with? How are you picking your boarding partner to be?”

‘Well you wouldn’t be my first choice,’ Cullen thought. “First come, first serve, really. The sooner I start saving money the better.”

“Really?” Dorian raised an eyebrow in suspicion, “No background checks, legal citizenship, cleanliness? Just whoever feels like moving in, yes? You Fereldens are far too trusting.”

“Why, do you have a criminal record?” Cullen laughed, sitting down on his couch—new and very comfortable—gesturing for his guest to do the same. Dorian sat with a thankful nod and a charmingly bright smile.

“Ha! Not in Ferelden, anyway!”

Cullen ran his hands nervously through his blonde curls, “You’re, uh, joking…right?”

Dorian’s smirk faded as he sat back, crossing one leg elegantly over the other, “No, I’m afraid. Though what I did is not punishable by law, it is highly frowned upon where I come from. Here it is much more widely accepted. I’m sure I’ll come to appreciate that.”

Though they hadn’t been acquainted that long, and had talked for even less time, Cullen was already so intrigued by this man. The strangely handsome, uniquely good looking, intensely mysterious man.

“May I ask what you did? Why you left Tevinter?” He leaned forward with interest.

Dorian sighed, smiling and turning his gaze away from the blonde’s corious eyes, “I dared to go against my father’s plans for my future. I don’t agree with his views, and I certainly don’t want to run a business based off of those very views. He owns Imperium Trust.”

Cullen’s eyes widened as he straightened his posture to be more respectful, “I knew I’d heard your name before.” He joked.

Dorian’s smile was bittersweet, “Yes, I am the son of the most powerful man in Tevinter, and soul heir of the most succeful bank in all of Thedas. I have the obligation to be perfect.” His smile dropped as he hung his head, clearing his throat. He quickly changed the subject, “I can’t believe I’m saying this, but, enough about me. Tell me a bit about yourself, Commander.” He gestured to the metals on Cullen’s television stand.

“Oh, I was a Templar, in my youth, but I began to disagree with the way they did things, so I left and joined the military. I was a marine.”

“Ah, a Templar. This won’t bother you, will it?” Dorian flicked his fingers a few times, sparks dancing off the tips.

Cullen chuckled, hands shifting nervously in his lap, “No, it never did. I just did what I was told.”

“Seems we have a few things in common.”

Cullen nodded, looking down at his hands. “May I ask why you’re looking to share an apartment?”

Dorian laughed, “I’ve got one hell of a crick in my neck from sleeping in my car. A bed sounds refreshing.”

Cullen stood quickly, “I can relate to that. Need help with your things?”

“Does this mean I’m your new roommate?”

Cullen moved to the door, holding it open and gesturing for Dorian to walk through, “As you said, we have some things in common. I think I’ll like having someone nice around, for once.”