If there’s one thing dogs are good at, it’s most definitely fashion. Dogs have the best fashion sense out of all the animals. They love to flaunt their high sense of fashion by showing off their style to their owner and taunt cats with their exquisite tastes in fashion. They look up to fashion monarchs such as Menswear Dog and base their fashion sense off of him. 


Los signos de viaje por carretera

Aries: Se aburre horrores de estar en el coche durante tanto tiempo y quiere ir al baño cada 40 km.
Tauro: Escucha música todo el camino con los auriculares puestos.
Géminis: El que quiere jugar con todos para pasar el rato y todos ignoran.
Cáncer: El que se apropia del estéreo del auto y canta en voz alta.
Leo: El que maneja.
Virgo: El que trae mapa y quiere decirle a Leo por dónde ir y cómo manejar.
Libra: El que trajo comida para todos.
Escorpio: El que se queda dormido en el hombro de otra persona durante todo el viaje.
Sagitario: El que mira por la ventana y se emociona de todo.
Capricornio: “¿Ya merito?” cada 5 minutos.
Acuario: El que le cuenta a todos las atracciones que hay, lo que podrían probar y proporciona datos curiosos sobre el destino al que van.
Piscis: El que toma fotos de todo.

Studies have shown that 92.6% of all North American Pugs enjoy role playing games such as dressing in their ancestor’s ceremonial dress before chasing down the elusive chicken nugget in the wild.  It instills a sense of ferocity that only a true pug warrior knows in its soul.



The National Center For Feline Psychology has discovered that at least three fourths of cats over the age of one year attempt to disguise themselves as elderly if living amongst older cats, as a ruse to have their antics blamed on the older clan.  For example, kitty scarves -BOOM.  Did granny cat make one?  No, she has arthritis.  House plant grooming -KAPOW.  Pappy kitty lacks skills, he can’t even remember where the litter box is.  Look to the youngster disguised as the geriatric, lurking in the shadows.  There’s your ninja.



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Lookin' fine today Mr Strider, Hows you and the boys been? We've been hearing some stuff and apparently D is gone again?

Fine, last I heard. I’ve been a little wrapped up in work, and- oh look. Here’s the fucker right now. Hey, D. Wow, man, lookin’ sharp. 

Nah, guy had to go sit in on some work shit just for a couple of days, we all knew about it. He’ll be back tomorrow. 

Aiko in Canon pt 3

Part 1 is here and Part 2 is here

All right, part 3 is up! In which Aiko is defeated by nature not once but twice, Utakata makes dramatic poses, and they investigate a stinky town. Oh, also, it turns out that Utakata is a lot more observant than Aiko gave him credit for. Shame that she wasn’t more subtle when she had the chance.

“What is your obsession with Zabuza about?”

Aiko flipped the bingo book shut and aimed a scowl at her companion.

Utakata was perched on the table, lounged back indolently on his elbows. He was doing that strange thing where he posed so that his robes fell open at the collar.

She looked away. “I don’t have an obsession.”

He made a polite, ‘Ah,’ sound of comprehension.

‘I have a good reason to keep an eye on him. That’s not an obsession.’

Bingo books really weren’t enough current information, though. She was starting to get nervous about timing. She didn’t want to be absent for Team seven’s mission to Wave. What if she missed them?

She wasn’t certain what she wanted to do, but she did want to see them. Just to be sure everyone was alright and things were going to be fine.

‘Maybe I should pick Sakura up like a suitcase and take her with me. If she doesn’t show up for the exams, Orochimaru can’t kill her.’

Aiko winced and put the book away, zipping her bag with a harsh motion.

Utakata followed her with his eyes, apparently content to wait her out.

‘That would probably make me an actual criminal. Konoha would not be pleased. Plus she would probably want to go home and that just sounds like a bummer.’

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Yung feeling na 3rd Year nako pero Adventure Time at Anime parin mga notebooks ko haha. Kailangan pa naman ng color coding. Daming arte e hahahha