The View

So Maria Bello is on the view today and tell me how this woman says that her partner is “3rd (or was it forth) generation African American and that she as born in Zimbabwe” so I’m like how does that make sense? But lemme see what happens next…They pull up a pic and this woman is white. And then she proceeds to say that labels don’t matter and how skin color doesn’t matter (because her partner is African American lmao) and today is different and how on TV it’s not just blue eyed skinny white women no more 😂 talking bout how “Me and you (Raven Symonè) have been on a parallel path so that’s why I got up and cheered for your Oprah interview” 😂 lord Jesus I changed the channel as soon as she mentioned that FB has different gender identifications because I knew she was about to go on and on about “labels” are unnecessary. It was like watching a train wreck I couldn’t do it 😭

This time next week I’ll be laying in bed with my girlfriend, after traveling 5,000 miles to be reunited with her and honestly it’s all that’s keeping me going right now.

One more week.
Just one more week.

I had a dream I was leaving home (which was this huge old house in the woods ??) to be a fucking warrior like I had a gun and swords and everything and I even killed a few dudes it was p sweet