Phone Call ✆  Zach & Ridley
  • Zach:[After several days of not speaking, Zach finally found the courage to dial Ridley's number, if only to get Mia off his back about the whole ordeal.]

Confession #92

Nagpasuggest ako ng pretty bloggers. Ay hutangina! Yung mga binigay saakin ano bang klaseng mga mukha yun?! EDI WOW!! Oo. Naghahanap talaga ko ng maganda dito, problema? Following ko yun eh. Pero sana po be honest naman sa pretty pretty na yan. Kingina. Sabi ko pretty, hindi feeling pretty!!! TIME!!

Confession #6005: Siguro ito lang talaga role ko sa buhay mo. Taga-advice sayo, karamay mo pag nahiwalayan ka, taga-plano pag gusto mong isurprise siya, taga-tawa ng corny jokes mo, katext o katawag mo pag bored ka… Siguro hanggang bestfriend mo lang talaga ‘ko.

Confession #93

May mga bloggers na kapag hindi sikat yung nag TA sakanila ‘di nila nirereply-an. Famous kasi sila! Hahaha.

Aiko in canon part 6

Aiko gives out great advice- she thinks so, at least. She has zero comprehension of the possible consequences of what she might have just done at this juncture. But, hey, she’s mentoring.

Kakashi-sensei was as still and stiff as he’d been when she’d slipped into sleep after her shift at watch. Only now, his cheeks were pale and he was clammy to the touch. Sakura swallowed hard. She watched sweat well up and join the dampness in his hairline.

His breathing was shallow but steady.

Sakura took his pulse. She confirmed that he didn’t have a fever. She decided to ask Tsunami-san to help her pour some water down his throat later. He hadn’t had a drink in over twelve hours, so he must need some, right?

‘What do I do if he doesn’t wake up? He has to eat still, right? And go to the bathroom and- and other stuff. Right?’

She wiped at her face with her sleeve. Contemplating it was terrifying. She wasn’t trained in this.

‘I don’t know what to do.’

It was so stupid. Everything was stupid. If they’d just gone home when they’d found out their client was a dirty liar, none of this would have happened. Why hadn’t they listened to the rules?

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jonthany asked:

My friend Dante and I have talked a couple of times about a theory of ours. A theory as to the lack of a story in Destiny. Basically, the reason that you feel so unsure about everything and a little cheated is because Bungie wants to put you into a guardians real shoes. You find out about your universe by reading and expanding your knowledge, but if you don't read then you don't learn. And basically Destiny 2 is gonna be a similar Comet Theory plot and you're gonna fight everyone with your light

Not too bad of a theory. It makes me feel better, at least haha.