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Okay so I'm confused, if neither mark nor momma dun knows/knew about the account, are Tyler and josh or whoever else just keeping it on the down low? It stresses me out that people close to them don't have the answers (either that or they're all messing with us which wouldn't surprise me because this whole situation)

as far as i know, none of them are actually running it (at least not all the time), because the account was posting tweets when tyler and josh were actually playing a show. there’s probably a third party that tyler has been asking to run it for him–my bet’s on jenna, but who knows.

it’s definitely an official account–i had my doubts, but the reversed audio they posted of “stressed out” confirms it. so either jenna or another third party are running it, momma don and mark or lying to us, or blurryface is real entity and we should be high-tailing it out of this fandom.

- Q:Why don’t you think you’re cool? B: My name is Brandon Flowers, I’m a Mormon and - I like to playgolf. I’ve always been self-conscious. I know it’s strange, considering this is what I do, but I still feel self-conscious. If I’m in line at the bank, or I’m out walking — whenever I’m exposed in any way and there’s someone that can see me, I feel so strange.