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could you tell us the story of how you and your bf got together :3

Oh, yea! Why not. 

I guess I’ll start at freshman year, when I first moved away from my home state in Louisiana to be where I am now (half way across the country). School started up an I put myself in the Drama program because that’s where I’m happiest and most comfortable. At first it was awkward because I didn’t know anyone and they didn’t know me and the problem with most talented arts kids is we see each other as competition so I got the impression that no one really liked me. Plus, I mean, who ever likes the new kid at first? 

Well about a few weeks into school our Drama program threw its annual Drama BBQ where all the drama programs and classes  from nearby schools get together and “showcase their talent”. (In reality we just disperse into our own cliques and eat food). 

I remember the BBQ being the first place I really noticed that I had developed my crush on Jake. He was playing animal crossing and I think wearing one of his Star Wars t-shirts. Now, I’d spoken to him before here and there about Adventure Time and Animal Crossing and other things we both liked but I didn’t really see us ever going anywhere. I mean, all we ever talked about were shows and games I literally knew nothing about him. (Also, somehow I worked the thought into my brain that he thought I was annoying). So I just dropped it and let my little crush on him sit in the back of my mind until last year (this school year). 

Those of you who have been following me for awhile ( and I mean awhile) know that my freshamn year I tried out for the improv team (Jake did too) and didn’t make it. (Jake did because he’s the funniest dude alive). I was sad but I just told myself “next year I’ll get on the team” and I was right! I got on the team and that effectively lead to me spending more time around Jake. Obviously, the crush never went away and me spending more time around him made it get worse. I still thought there wouldn’t be a chance he’d like me so again I pushed it to the back of my mind. But then, maybe two weeks after I was on the team, I started to notice things. Jake never really gives compliments. Not because he’s mean, he just doesn’t really say them as much as I would. After improv practices he’d tell me I did really great and the one compliment I remember the most ( and cherish because I’m a dork) he gave to me after our (first?) night show and we played a game called Lighthouse. I was the boat in the game. After the show he told me, “Good job, Jada. You were a beautiful boat, as always.” 

That’s when I knew that,  awww hell ye,  this boi likes me. We started texting eachother a lot and during the production of our Drama Department’s play “A Christmas Story” I got to hang out with him a lot more and it may have been a week or two after he gave me the compliment that he sent a text to me late one night and told me he liked me. I confessed that I liked him too then went to sleep. 

It was about a week or two later after that when I asked him to be my boyfriend and here we are now. He’s my favorite nerd. :)

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Me and my ex bf were on terrible terms when we broke up 2 months ago. But I can't hate him. I still remember the boy who told me I was his everything and called me when he knew a thunderstorm was coming because I was irrationally scared of them. The boy who brought me icecream at school on fridays as a celebration of making it through the weak and gave me hugs that picked me up from off the ground. When we said goodbye I knew it was for good, he's moved on. He's someone else's storm call.

Sometimes you end up never speaking to someone who once meant the world to you. But it’s okay. You will cope and you will survive. But please don’t let the things you lose keep you from allowing yourself to gain again.
You don’t have to hate your ex, but you have to let go of your past in trade for a future. You might find someone who teaches you to brave the storms and tells you that the thunder is just bowling baby elephants in the sky. Someone who will spin you around when you hug and bring you cupcakes on Wednesday to say ” you’re halfway there”. Someone who is different, but equally as wonderful. Someone who will make you forget that you were ever hurt. Give yourself a chance to find him. Give yourself the chance to find you again. It’s time <3

I’m sending you all my love xx

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Can you share a picture of you and your bf?? 💕

Alas, my anon, he hates pictures and would probably be upset if I ever so happened to get one (ha! dream on) and posted it. I know he doesn’t like them so I don’t push it. I’d never do anything he din’t want me too. (Unless it doesn’t affect him negatively in anyway, for example, making my hair a beard. and making my top lip go over my teeth. I do that just to annoy him.) Sorry. :(