mouseeba said:

im getting sick and tired of people calling morocco arab and saying that 'deep down, im arab even though i deny it, cuz amazigh ppl r the most arab ppl EVER'. what should i do when ppl try to convince me otherwise?

Tell them that you are Amazigh not Arab

Imazighen people are not Arab, Imazighen  are forced to be Arab. They are trying to take your history,culture and traditions away from you. 

The indigenous people of Morocco are not Arab, they are Imazighen. Never allow a person to tell you that you’re something that you’re not. Be proud to be an Amazigh woman because you have a lot to be proud of. Your people thought for their lives, land and culture and don’t let anyone take that away from you by calling you Arab. Arabisation of the native Imazighen is disgusting. 

It’s not your job to try to convince people that you’re Amazigh, if they don’t want to believe you then fuck them. 

Fuck Arab oppression

Fuck Arab supremacy

Fuck Arab occupation in North Africa

Fuck the colonialistion of North Africans by the Arabs

and Never forget


The Magic Harp's Song
  • The Magic Harp's Song
  • Chris Colfer
  • The Land Of Stories: The Wishing Spell - Unabridged - [Disc 4]�偔ㅅ�ᴀ�!䏾栀爀椀猀 䌀漀氀昀攀爀�吀剄L�̀〲㈱吀䍒K��9䍔乏�℀�!叾瀀漀欀攀渀 ☀ 䄀甀搀椀漀�吀䕄N�̀〲㌱〭

Chris Colfer singing as the magic harp :)

for those who haven’t listened to it yet