The downloads page has been updated with links for Ailee’s A’s Doll House, Bangtan Boys’ In The Mood For Love, Boyfriend’s Boyfriend in Wonderland, EXO’s EXODUS (Kyungsoo, Sehun, & Xiumin versions), and Jaejoong’s Intermodulation.

All scans in the zip files are full size, unedited, and unwatermarked; please let us know if you’re downloading, whether by like, reblog, or an ask!  Please do not post our unwatermarked scans anywhere, and please do not take the download links out of the download page - if you wish to share them, just link back to the page itself!

I do still have to upload GOT7 scans & a VIXX album to Mediafire for people, and I haven’t forgotten that.  Mediafire just takes a little longer and a little more effort, but I promise I’ll try to get that done this week.  I also have a bunch more scans to post, so please look forward to those when I have some time between work shifts this week! ^^  I know our upcoming scans lists are really long, but we’re doing our best to work through it as quickly as possible despite our hectic work schedules and private lives.  Thank you all for your patience! <3