[!] After School Schedule from 25th of May to the 31st of May

- Day 25
Raina - MBCr Heo Yung Hwan Starry Night Radio recording

- Day 26
Lizzy - Tasty Road filming

- Day 27
Raina - MBCr Heo Yung Hwan Starry Night Radio broadcasting

- Day 29
Orange Caramel - Kangwon Festival

- Day 30
Lizzy - Tasty Road broadcasting

- Day 31
Lizzy - Tasty Road filming in Italy

Cr. After School Daum Official Fancafe - PlaygirlzAS

Translation: @ afterschool-s | please take out with full credits!

#6FTERSCHOOL - 17/01/2009: Happy sixth anniversary to the most hardworking and persevering girl group, After School. Thanks for bringing it to the next level. Always. No one beats them in hard work despite all. 

To all the eleven members who had contribute with their talent, and hardwork: keep fighting, let’s hope for a 2015 full of joy and new achievements. ♥