[INFO] Notes about 4Minute's 6th mini album, "Crazy"
  • In 2013, Jiyoon wrote “SseSseSse” for 2Yoon’s first EP and is returning as producer for 4minute’s new album.
  • Jiyoon produced and wrote track “Funky Disco” for 4minute’s 6th EP Crazy.
  • "Funky Disco" composed by Jiyoon is a song with maNY a charm that perfectly grasp 4minute’s original feel and marks the second attempt at song making for Jiyoon.
  • "Funky Disco" is said to express 4minute’s original style.
  • "Crazy" will be a complete 180 transformation of what 4minute showed through first title-track "Cold Rain."
  • 4minute will return with a fierce image and powerful charisma as Korea’s irreplaceable representative sexy girl group.
  • The 4minute members each contributed many ideas to the album, concept, styling and performances.
  • Strong performances and never seen before transformations and styling will be expected for 4minute’s full scaled February comeback.
  • "Crazy" is the product of producer duo Seo Jae Woo and Bick Sancho in collaboration with producer Son Young Jin.
  • "Crazy" is a trap hip hop number with intense beats and powerful raps produced by trio Seo Jae Woo, Bick Sancho and Son Young Jin.
  • Cube: “Crazy” aims to expand and ascertain 4minute’s already known fierce image.
  • Lyrics to “Crazy” ‘s chorus go “Let’s enjoy the night” / “Let’s have fun tonight”
  • "Crazy" ‘s infectious chorus is said to linger in the ears.
  • Title-track “Crazy” alternates between fierce raps and powerful vocals to successfully bring out the strongest harmony.
  • Seo Jae Woo + Bick Sancho: (Red, Blacklist); Son Young Jin: (Wait A Minute, Gimme That);Seo Jae Woo + Son Young Jin: (A Talk)