[ARTICLE] 150528 Financial Analysts: Cube’s new-found potential in Chinese markets

Cube Entertainment is on its rise early this morning with their share price increasing to 3,140 Won, a jump of 3.97% as compared to yesterday’s closing price. Analysts are taking strong interest on Cube Entertainment as one of the most undervalued company in the industry.

Taurus Investment & Securities today has recommended Cube Entertainment as a company that needs to look out for, stating that there is a new growth potential in the China market. The target price, however, was not spelt out.

Financial analyst Kim TaeHyun expressed, “The popularity of Cube Entertainment’s major artists BEAST and 4minute in the Oriental market is increasing steeply in the Greater China region (China, Hong Kong, Taiwan)” and, “This year, it is expected that 10 to at most 16 concerts will be added to the Greater China region. 4minute’s latest album ‘Crazy’ too, was revealed to chart at #1 on QQ Chart for 10 consecutive weeks.”

“Currently Cube Entertainment’s previous declaration with the securities commission revealed that their estimated Price-Earning Ratio is at a conservative number of 15 times this year (Industry average at 25 times) and 8 times in 2016. Given its growth potential and the industry cycle, Cube Entertainment is a significantly undervalued.”

He continued, “Following BEAST and 4minute’s increasing activities, the revenue growth will likely to increase greatly starting with this year” and, “We look forward to its coming new growth potential and its new position it will soon hold.”

Kim also explained, “In 2015, rookie male group BTOB member Yook Sungjae is on his rising popularity” and, “Yook Sungjae had proven his singing skills on variety program ‘Masked Singer’ and even took  on lead role in drama ‘School 2015′, thus, showing a growing potential (for the company).”

Also, “Looking at past precedence like Lee JongSuk and Kim WooBin who have become top stars after gaining popularity in ‘School’ series, it is worth expecting Yook SungJae’s prospects in the future.” He added, “If ‘School 2015′ ends around June, (there are) BTOB’s comeback plans. With Yook Sungjae’s popularity, it is expected that BTOB’s recognition will increase largely too.”

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Cube entertainment is currently preparing to launch a music channel tentatively named Cube TV which content will be produced by IHQ.
Cube TV, Cube Ent’s own 24h KPOP channel which aims to broadcast content directly related to its in-house artists will launch on July 1.
With as slogan “Beat to the world, Cube TV” cube plans to spread its consumption model to Kpop fans worldwide.  Cube’s musical channel Cube TV (tentative name) will focus on developing a program based off its artists, 4minute, Beast, Btob among others.

Cube plans to not only be present on a cable format but will also focus on bringing content live availability through mobile and new medias.  Cube’s CEO Park Chung Min: Through the upcoming launch of Cube TV we aim to not only expand Cube Ent’s model and valure but as a company that has more than 600 episodes under its belt, we’ve demonstrated our ability to produce original content.

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Cube Entertainment, Contents production that showed off Cube name set off

‘Beat to the World,CUBE TV (CUBE TV that spread K-POP to whole world)’ 24hours music specialty channel to be launched on 1 July.

Program centered at BEAST, 4Minute, BTOB etc main artistes in agency produced with strategy to absorb new fan base and enlarge the size of market.

Especially CUBE TV is channel viewable realtime through web, mobile etc new media, expect a chance to establish huge fandom through whole world.

Cube explained “With 600 video contents production experience, capability is ensured” and “Killer contents as main force, a program of real variety concept with artistes BEAST and 4Minute, BTOB’s members as fixed appearance is in preparation etc, other than that, a program that new artistes and trainees can be exposed naturally”.

Source: etoday http://m.etoday.co.kr/view.php?idxno=1132772

BANNED: K-girl songs whose dances, performances, outfits, lyrical content, or music videos have been deemed inappropriate and banned from radio or broadcast

Orange Caramel Catallena // Brown Eyed Girls Abracadabra // Miryo Dirty // Sunmi Full Moon // Crayon Pop Uh Ee // Yoon Mirae Get It In // HA:TFELT (ft. Beenzino) Bond // Rainbow Blaxx Cha Cha // Dal Shabet Joker // E.Via Oppa, Can I Do It? // 9Muses Wild // Park Jiyoon Adult Ceremony // Orange Caramel Bangkok City // Lee Hyori (ft. Ceejay) Chitty Chitty Bang Bang // HAM So Sexy // Hyuna Very Hot // Dal Shabet Hit U // Gain (ft. Bumkey) Fxxk U // Hyuna Bubble Pop! // Sistar Girls Do It // Rainbow A // Exid Up&Down // f(x) Red Light // Fiestar One More // Gain Bloom // Hyuna Blacklist // Song Jieun (ft. Bang Yongguk) Going Crazy // Sistar How Dare You // 2NE1 I’m Busy // After School Funky Man // G.Na (ft. Swings) Banana // Narsha (ft. Sunny Hill) Mamma Mia // Kara We’re With You // Sunny Hill Pray // 4Minute Heart to Heart // Ivy Touch Me // Park Jiyoon Beep