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140912 Red Velvet - “Happiness” @ KBS Music Bank

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[OFFICIAL] 140913 레드벨벳 Red Velvet - 행복(Happiness) @ MBC 쇼! 음악중심 Show! Music Core

Welcome to REDVELVET-SM’s biweekly Red Velvet blog recommendations! Once every two weeks, we post the blog recommendations we’ve received.

To send in a blog recommendation, just send an ask or fanmail with the URL and a description of the type of blog (edit/gif, graphics, pastel, member-central, confession, humour, whatever). You can recommend up to five blogs at a time, completely anonymously or maybe not, but please do keep it a Red Velvet blog…to some extent…

And yes, you can rec yourself. Our results will be completely anonymous. 

Although we will delete this post, we realize that there is no way to erase this completely week after week, so as a result we will be ignoring any recs after the week’s deadline.

THIS WEEK’S CLOSING DATE: midnight on Monday September 22nd, UTC time.

We hope you participate!

~ Grace & Em from redvelvet-sm