“If I was a parasitic alien hive mind, dead set on taking over the world, like in The Puppet Masters, The Faculty, or Invasion of the Body Snatchers etc., I would take over the body of some teenager with a weird name like G.T. Dave - a weird name so when he started acting weird, people would just say, “Oh well, his name IS G.T. Dave. What do you expect?” Then I would used G.T. Dave’s body to make and sell a weird health food “tea” with a weird name like Kombucha, or something. I would make all kinds of crazy claims about the health benefits of this “tea”. The “tea” would really just be spores of my being used to infect and take over human bodies. I would tell people that the spores where part of making the “tea” and that they are good. I would say that there is some alcohol in the “tea” so if anyone starts “acting weird” after drinking, the weirdness would be explained by the alcohol, and no one would suspect alien spores. I would also put a warning on the bottle telling people not to shake the bottle - shaken baby syndrome is the same across the universe. I would control the world in no time!” 

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This is incredible, like I’m stunned new people still find me interesting. thank you all, and thank you to people that have promoted me in the past little bit! 

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Anywhoo, thank you all <3 Stay high!

(would a vid of me more or less rapping Gambino be okay? or just offensive?)