Bryan Lee O’Malley reveals cover for ‘Seconds’

As the huge Scott Pilgrim fans that we are here at G.E.E.K, we’ve been following Bryan Lee O’Malley’s progress with his latest novel ‘Seconds’ for some time. Well after many teases on his Instagram and Twitter, O’Malley and publisher Random house have now revealed the cover for their forthcoming release.

Due in July 2014, ‘Seconds’ tells the story of a “lovable spaz” who works in a small town restaurant called ‘Seconds’. It’s said to be grounded in the same sort of “fairy tale” version of reality as much of his previous work, but has a feel more like his debut novel “Lost At Sea”.

It’s also his first work to be debuting in colour, (after the current re-releasing of the Scott Pilgrim series) and as you can see from the above pages, Nathan Fairbairn’s colours do a great job of keeping the feel of O’Malley’s previous monochrome work, while adding a lot of depth to his art.

The novel is due for release on the 15th of July 2014 and is published by Random House.


Today is the 4th anniversary of the finale of arguably one of the greatest TV series of all time- Lost.

So to celebrate, here’s every one of Hurley’s “Dude”s.

Enjoy brothas.


Scott Pilgrim Vs. The Drinking Game!

How do you enhance your enjoyment of one of the greatest movies of all time? Get incredibly drunk of course! So to help you with that, we bring you 'Scott Pilgrim Vs. The Drinking Game'!

The idea is that everyone plays by the communal rules (including the optional hard-core rules for the brave among you!), but also, everyone takes a character card which has an individual rule for that player.

We’ve prepared a download of the name cards and rules which can be downloaded HERE (right click and choose ‘save link as’) to cut out and keep!

This has been pieced together from a few different sources that we’ve gathered over the last couple of years, with our own rules we’ve created thrown in. We think this is the definitive version though! We’ve played a few times and can vouch for it being pretty awesome (if not extremely messy). Although, we do have to say one thing- we can’t be held responsible for ANYTHING that happens during the playing of this game!

If you’re a Scott Pilgrim fan, please check out our play-through of the ‘Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World: The Game' on our YouTube channel!


'Jay & Silent Bob's Super Groovy Cartoon Movie' gets a trailer!

After being announced almost a year ago, SMod fans have been waiting to get their first glimpse at “Jay and Silent Bob’s Super Groovy Cartoon Movie”. Well finally, the good folk at SModCo have released a trailer for the duo’s triumphant return to the big screen! Head to www.seesmod.com/groovymovie/ to check it out and (for you lucky Americans, at least) buy tickets to their movie and Q&A tour! That’s right, your first chance to see the movie on the big screen will be in the same room as the stars themselves- Kevin “Too Fat To Fly” Smith and Jason “Snooch To The Nooch” Mewes! Not only that but you’ll get to ask them anything you like, from serious questions about the movie, to more random questions like whether they would rather be top half sausage/bottom half man or top half man/bottom half sausage.

The movie was written by Kevin, produced by Jason and animated & directed by SModimation genius Steve Stark. It also features voices by some famous names from the Smodco/View Askew family, including Ralph Garman and Eliza Dushku. We can also hear what sounds like an MC Chris soundtrack in the trailer.

All this and the hilarious trailer make us VERY excited to see the movie and we simply can’t wait until Kevin and Jason bring the show over to us Brits later this year.


'Shaun of the Dead' in 60 Seconds, Scott Pilgrim style!

This is a couple of years old, but it doesn’t make it any less brilliant. As his entry to the annual Empire/Jameson ‘Done In 60 Seconds’ competition, YouTube user Philip Askins animated the story to ‘Shaun Of The Dead’ in the style of Scott Pilgrim artist; Bryan Lee O’Malley. Clearly, with Edgar Wright linking Shaun to Scott, the art style fits really well with the tone of the rom-zom-com.

If you like this, it’s well worth checking out his YouTube channel, featuring some other entries to the contest, including a great Tintin style Indiana Jones and this year’s winning entry- Blade Runner done film noir style.



Just stumbled onto this incredibly clever video on YouTube. I can’t even imagine how long this must have taken to get right. Definitely worth 4 minutes of your time.

Sigh. The long long long long long awaited Wallace Wells/multiplayer DLC for ‘Scott Pilgrim: The Game’ has, you guessed it, been delayed again. The release date we previously reported of the 5th of February is now likely to be at least March. Ubisoft released a statement to confirm the delay but didn’t explain the reasoning behind it. However, Tumblr user Robbydude posted on his page that the delay is to remove a sprite from the game which is taken from the 2004 Game Boy Advance game, ‘Sonic Battle’. Once this happens, Sony and Microsoft need to then re-approve the DLC for release, which can take up to a month.

Must say we’re disappointed to have to wait a little longer, but at the end of the day, one more month to wait for DLC for a 2 year old game isn’t the end of the world!


'The Wolverine' trailer released

After being teased for the last week by Director James Mangold and Fox Studios, we’ve finally been treated to the first full trailer for ‘The Wolverine’.

The movie, which is an adaptation of the classic Chris Claremont/Frank Miller arc, sees Wolverine head to Japan after the events of X-Men 3, where he’s promised a future without his mutant powers. Cue lots of eye candy as Logan squares off against samurais and ninjas in what’s promised to be the most action packed Wolverine adventure yet.

The project has been in development for a long time, with director Darren Aronofsky originally attached, before Mangold took the helm. The director is responsible for the underrated ‘Knight and Day’, plus Oscar winner ‘Walk The Line’, so he’ll hopefully bring his experience in both directing action and drama to what’s considered one of the all time great Wolverine story-lines.

The movie opens on the 26th July in 3D and 2D.

*Update* A US version of the trailer has also been released, with a lot of new footage, so it’s well worth checking out both versions.


Kevin Smith’s Cartoon Lagoon

That Kevin Smith is a very busy man. With an animated movie, a TV mini series & Clerks 3 on the cards, a starring role in a sitcom and too many podcasts we’ve lost count, you’d think his plate would be too full to fit anything else in. Well you’d be wrong, because he’s just announced ‘Kevin Smith’s Cartoon Lagoon’. A ‘Space Ghost’ style show co-starring fellow SModcasters; Jason Mewes and Ralph Garman, and showcasing the best in the popular SModimations! Here’s what he had to say about the show-

"I love MYSTERY SCIENCE THEATER 3000. I love SPACE GHOST COAST TO COAST. I love PEE-WEE’S PLAYHOUSE. So I stole from all of ‘em and teamed up with Jay Mewes, Ken Plume and master animator D.S. Edwards to explore the undersea kingdom of KEVIN SMITH’S CARTOON LAGOON!

When Kev and Jay get lost on their way to a live podcast in Poughkeepsie, their Hello Submarine lands in an uncharted animated island full of fish that look like comic books! Join Kev, Jay and their puppet dog Shecky as they battle Benchley the Great White Shark and try to get back home!”

The first episode, entitled “The Sea Men” is available for pre-order now, and will be available for download on the 18th of April. Head to iTunes to get the first episode as soon as it’s available (and why not subscribe to our podcast while you’re there:)



Edgar Wright’s ‘Ant-Man’ footage leaks

Back in July last year, Edgar Wright, director of ‘Scott Pilgrim’ and ‘Shaun of The Dead’, showed a test real for Marvel’s much anticipated ‘Ant-Man’ at the San Diego Comicon. Unfortunately for those of us who weren’t in Hall H at the time, Marvel did a rather good job of making sure no-one leaked any shaky cell-phone footage of the clip, so we’ve been left to wonder how it looks from brief descriptions and fan-made recreations… until now!

At a recent show of Adam Buxton’s hilarious ‘Bug’, the footage was shown to the audience, but this time there was no security to stop anyone filming! You can see some fairly decent footage in the above video which, according to reports, has been updated with new effects since the comicon screening. There’s no knowing how long the footage is likely to stick around before being removed, so watch it while you can!

Marvel’s ‘Ant-Man’ is slated for release on November 6th 2015.

*UPDATE* It’s like a game of cat and mouse with this footage! As soon as we update the link, the footage is taken down! We’ve found another link that seems to be hanging around for a little while, but don’t be surprised if it disappears shortly so watch it while you can!


Scott Pilgrim DLC is OUT NOW!

So we waited… and waited… then got excitedthen were disappointed… then waited some more… and some more…

But now, FINALLY, the Wallace Wells and online multiplayer DLC for ‘Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World: The Game’ is out! I’m pretty sure we don’t need to go over the details of the features again, just refer back to our previous post on the subject. Just turn on your XBox or PS3 and get downloading! Plus let us know your Gamertag/PSN ID in the comments if you’d like to give the game a go against any of the G.E.E.Ks!

*Update*- So apparantly Ubisoft’s definition of “OUT NOW” means “out sometime tomorrow”. Specifically, Tuesday on PSN in North America, Wednesday on PSN in the EU and XBLA. Sigh.

Source: Sony Playstation blog

Photo: Ubisoft


Iron Man 3 TV spot confirms BIG rumour

Ok, from here on in, we’re SPOILER ALERT territory!

Got that?

Last warning!

Ok, don’t say we didn’t warn you.

The new TV spot for Iron Man 3 has finally confirmed the long rumoured story line- Pepper Potts will don the Iron Man suit!

Previous trailers have shown her being held in similar restraints to those being infected with the ‘Extremis’ virus, leading the rumour mill to go into overdrive that she’d donning the suit. This new trailer now shows her suiting up during what looks like the Mandarin’s attack on Tony’s Malibu home. While it may not be the Rescue Suit, who’s to say that’s not still to come?

Marvel Studios are doing an amazing job at teasing little pieces of information with every new poster and trailer, and while it may look like we know all we can about the movie, we’re pretty sure there’s a LOT they’re going to be keeping under wraps.

In case we haven’t made it clear previously, we’re VERY excited for April 26th. 31 DAYS!!!

*UPDATE* This is a bit of a strange on. Marvel have taken down the original video and are removing any reposts that have begun to appear around YouTube. It seems that someone at Marvel was too eager to post the clip, or they decided it was far too spoiler filled to leave up. Or perhaps it was all intentional and they just wanted people to talk about it? Either way, we’re getting the weirdest sense of deja-vu after the whole "Ant-Man" incident recently. Fortunately, we’ve found another source, but who knows how long it’ll stay about. Watch it while you can!



New Iron Man suits revealed

Over on the official Iron Man Facebook page, Marvel have been unveiling some of the new Iron Man suits that we’ll be seeing in action on the big screen pretty soon. Looks like Tony’s been spending a lot of time in the lab creating some pretty amazing suits, including a “sub orbital suit” and what looks to be the “hulk buster” style suit seen in the last trailer- “Igor, the heavy lifting suit”. Fans are hoping we’ll see the rumoured “Deep Space suit” soon to hopefully add to the theory that we may see some kind of ‘Guardians of the Galaxy’ related post credits sequence.

There’s still a few more to be revealed before the April 26th release date, so we’ll keep this post updated as more appear.

Source: Disney/Marvel

EA’s Total Eclipse of the Heart.

EA/Dice have just shown off 17 mins of gameplay footage from the beautifully crafted Frostbite 3 driven Battlefield 4 and it looks stunning. Granted the gameplay shown is from the PC version, so nothing short of beautiful would of cut it, but they’ve gone above and beyond with this spectacular demo.

The video is breathtaking from the very start. Bonnie Tyler’s ‘Total Eclipse of the Heart’ playing as the player’s car is slowly sinking in what looks like an ocean, then BAM, cut back to 13 minutes and 38 seconds earlier and we get chance to relive the very moments leading up to this extremely intense and nerve racking scene.

Without throwing in too many spoilers (as we demand you  view this demo for yourselves), expect to see lots of meaty explosions, wonderfully captured set pieces, plenty of gun fire and the usual vehicular section followed by a wipe of the brow and the picking up of your jaw off the floor and that’s the 17 minutes in a nutshell :)

Still no official release date, only an “Autumn 2013” release slot for this generation of consoles and PC. Plus no announcement for the next gen just yet but watch this space for the impending updates.


Dreamfall Chapters kickstarter update

The Kickstarter campaign for the much anticipated ‘Dreamfall Chapters’ is nearing completion. With a mere 48 hours remaining to make your pledge (at time of writing), the campaign has smashed it’s initial target, leap-frogged many of the stretch targets and now has just 2 more in it’s sight- an extended version of the game and the green-light for ‘The Longest Journey Home’; a true sequel to the original classic adventure.

The team at Red Thread Games have been extremely generous with the updates over the last few weeks with many video blogs, screenshots (see above) and juicy tidbits on their progress so far. Plus they’ve added a number of extra rewards for pledgers including T-shirts and Watilla USB sticks! In fact, just yesterday, the team confirmed the identity of the second playable character to join Zoe on her journey- assassin Kian Alvane, who reprises his role from ‘Dreamfall’.

If the above screenshots make you drool as much as they do us, you now have very little time left to get your pledge in! Once the campaign ends, it’ll be the longest wait (pun intended:) for your next chance to secure a copy of what is sure to be one on the definitive modern adventure games.

Photos: Red Thread Games