"A song can’t change the world. But the song can change his three minutes. His three minutes can change his three hours. His three hours can change his three days. His three days can change his three months. His three months can change his three years. His three years can change his life. His life can change peoples’ lives. And people can change the world."

-Kwon Jiyong


Producer G-Dragon

Ever since I was a kid, one of the assignments I received from YG entertainment was writing songs. When I was in middle school, they would tell me to write one song per week. By that I mean, coming up with your melodies and lyrics by using an American instrumental. I did that for about a year. And then, the time duration shortened. I was told to write a new song every three days, and then it became two days, and one day. Since I was trained to do it for so long, writing a song a day became real easy for me. It kind of became a hobby.

Dear Kwon Jiyong.The years haven’t been easy on you, haven’t they? It makes me sad the fact that you won’t be able to enjoy your birthday properly, all this stress going around your second album can’t be easy for you :( Kwon Jiyong, please take care of yourself, all these years of work, starting off as a child, being under the pressure of being the best,the pressure of being the leader, sometimes i’m afraid your heart is older than it might seem. I’m so grateful you have 4 brothers that take care of you, because even though you are the leader, it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t let the others take care of you too. I love you so much, and sometimes i’m sad because i neglect you, and i put all this love for you aside, i have too many fandoms to be able to focus on everyone, but you’re always in my heart, and you always will. You were the first person i have truly loved ever since i got in the kpop fandom, and even though throughout the year i have left behind a lot of fandoms, somehow i always kept coming back to BigBang. To you. Please stay forever the dorky leader, the serious leader, the angry leader, the adorable person Kwon Jiyong, the “2NE1 TV Town Idiot”, the person other 4 people look up to, the human Kwon Jiyong we love. Happy Birthday! (p.s: stop bullying maknae)