“Today, Entertainment Earth revealed their first convention-exclusive item: Saturday Night Live Weekend Update with Amy Poehler and Tina Fey figurines!

Courtesy of Bif Bang Pow!, the SNL Weekend Update set features a 3 ½-inch set of Amy Poehler and Tina Fey figures in their classic news anchor attire, and comes with an fold-out diorama of the SNL news desk. Even though one of our most beloved Weekend Update duos is no longer on the air every week, we can now play along as we watch SNL reruns, make breakfast for dinner, and pretend Poehler and Fey are our real-life friends. (What… just me?)

This Convention Exclusive is limited to just 2,400 pieces, so if Amy and Tina are your dream team, we suggest you act now.”

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That feel when you get your Tina and Amy action figures -


Veteran reporter Herb Welch (Bill Hader) can’t keep his personal opinions out of his interviews with local students (Pete Davidson, Cecily Strong) who’ve taken a virginity pledge.

Best of the Featured Players of SNL Season 40 #20: Pete Davidson was featured in this sketch with one of Bill Hader’s famous characters Herb Welch!

May 28th

Guess what was on my mind first thing when I woke up this morning?
This date.
I feel like Phil Hartman fans will always have this day in the back of their minds. Ever since I really became a fan of Phil, I always feel the need to reflect on his birthday, & the day he passed away.
Phil Hartman continues to inspire me, & it is too bad I will never be given the opportunity to shake his hand & thank him one day. Thank you, Phil. Thank you for everything you did.
Rest in peace.

SNL Season 40

Number of Episodes: 21


Anna Faris, Wally Feresten (the cue card guy), Adam Levine, Mike O’Brien (3), Kristen Wiig (2), Harvey Fierstein, Jeff Daniels, Lorne Michaels, Josh Hutcherson, Liam Hemsworth (2), Jennifer Lawrence, Uzo Aduba, Seth Rogen, Mike Myers, Fred Armisen (2), Jason Sudeikis, Melanie Griffith, Don Johnson, Luke Hemsworth, Norman Reedus, Darrell Hammond (2), Nikolaj Coster-Waldau, Billy Crystal, and characters from Sesame Street.

*The numbers in parentheses denote how many episodes in which the person appeared.

Sketch Breakdown

Vanessa:  69   Aidy:  66   Taran:  109   Kate:  93   Bobby:  91   Jay:  71   

Cecily: 102   Kenan:  103   Beck:  79   Michael:  4   Pete:  58   Leslie:  47

Colin:  2   Kyle:  78   Sasheer:  63

*Leslie’s appearances before she was officially a cast member were included.

I saw some website made a pie chart showing all the cast appearances in percentages and since it’s summer and I have the time, I made my own.

Miscellaneous Items of Note

Excluding the 40th Special, Seth Meyers and Amy Poehler did not cameo this season, ending a 13 year streak of appearances. Tina Fey was also absent, ending a 17 year streak of appearances that began when she was hired as a writer in 1997. In addition to those former cast members, Maya Rudolph ended her 14 year appearance streak. Jason Sudeikis appeared in a pre-taped sketch this season, the first time since the finale of Season 38. Darrell Hammond took over as announcer this season upon the passing of Don Pardo at age 96. Hammond also reprised his role as Bill Clinton this season, having performed that impression over 85 times since Season 21.