The happiness you see in idol’s on stage and on camera, occurs only on stage and on camera.

A majority of idols are not happy. They live in terrible, inhuman conditions, are abused physically, verbally, mentally, sometimes sexually, and are treated like slaves. They only exist and continue to exist in the idol world because they are making money for their CEOs. 

This point has been brought up time and time again by many different idols and those who have experienced the absolute shitty quality of life behind the scenes. Why is this continuing to be ignored? We the fans can change this.

If you don’t believe you can do anything to help, here is a short list of a few things you can do to make a damn change:

  • don’t buy merch, albums, posters, anything
  • don’t watch the shows - Weekly Idol, Showtime, Beatles Code, any of it
  • dont watch MVs - not even newly released ones
  • ignore comebacks
  • don’t go to concerts
  • don’t use their fansites and cafes

Yes, this sounds hard. Let me tell you, it is hard. But let me tell you WHY we need to do this, ALL OF US, together:

Everything we do in support of our favourite bands, supports the companies and allows the to be shitty towards the idols. If the bands don’t make money, the company doesn’t make money. "But the company will just blame the band" - no. If we tell the companies that we refuse to support them - the asshole CEOs, shitty management, and everyone else involved in ruining the idols’ lives - they will have to change their ways, or they will lose out on their money. They don’t give a fuck about the idols, so we make them give a fuck.

Sure, you don’t want to have to say goodbye to your favourite bands. You can still blog about them and read their fanfics, like their IG posts and tweets, but don’t support them monetarily. It will directly reflect onto th company, and trust me, within a month or two when their paycheck has significantly decreased, things will start to change. 

So I beg all of you: boycott SM. Boycott YG, JYP, Star Empire, Cube, TS, Jellyfish, all of them. DON’T GIVE THEM THE ATTENTION THEY DON’T DESERVE. Go to the comment sections of their Youtube videos, to their websites, fanboards, cafes, everywhere you can reach; tell them you refuse to pay for them to continue to be in a position where they can treat human beings like slavery scum, and then don’t fucking go back. When their sites stop getting hits, videos stop being viewed, sales stop going up, and they are no longer making money, they will begin to listen to us.

Please don’t ignore this right now. If you want to ignore someone, ignore the companies, but not how poorly they’re treating the people we all love. We can change things. Please, if you truly love your idols, give 100% for them, by giving nothing to their companies.

I sincerely hope the rest of you will join me, because this is our idols’ lives were talking about here. Unless you sincerely have reduced them to only a pretty face, body, voice, etc, for your own pleasure to take in with no life nor rights of their own, I strongly encourage you to join in.

Top 10 kpop biases tag ^^

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1. Yoongi ♥ (BTS)


2. Zelo ♥ (B.A.P.)


3. Ruki ♥ (The Gazette) I know people into jrock normally dont use the word ‘bias’ but I dont care, lol.


(ahh that look TT____TT)

4. G-Dragon ♥ (Big Bang)


5. Hyunseung ♥ (Beast/Troublemaker)


6. Lumin ♥ (M.Pire)


7. Zico ♥ (Block B) 


8. Hansol ♥ (Topp Dogg)


9. Jackson ♥ (GOT7)


10. HIGHTOP ♥ (Bigflo)


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animeismylifebitches said:

Ok let's try again! How would lay, xiumin, and gd react? The one with you suddenly kissed them? Sorry didn't there was a limit!

Original question:
Hello! How would GD, lay, xiumin, chanyeol if you were suddenly kissed them (assuming you haven’t Kissed yet and you have been going out for awhile)? Love your blog! It’s beautiful

Lay would probably freeze up at first, quite surprised. However, I think he would be fairly calm about it and would keep his cool the best B) He would kiss you back really gently and sweetly, wanting to make the first kiss one you would remember.

Xiumin would be a pretty confident kisser, so I think he would immediately lean into it and start to kiss you back. Slightly innocent at first, but as you warmed up to him, he could do some things that could really make you melt~♥ He’d kiss you and turn you into jelly, and then he’s pull away and give you that sexy smirk of his.

GD definitely would be shocked when he first feels you kiss him, but he wouldn’t pull away. He’d easily start kissing you back and he’d just hold you close and he’d want to keep the kiss sweet and special. When he pulls back, he’d smile and laugh at you shyly and he’d tease you a bit for waiting so long for kissing him.~

Admins Rin&Kris


The One Thousand: Chapter 26

Jiyong dropped his full weight down on top of me, whether to trap me or protect me I wasn’t entirely sure. I tilted my head to the side to see President Hwa’s employee fall to the ground, blood staining his white coat.

“Jiyong! Iseul!” I heard Daesung call out from above. Jiyong was just lifting himself up onto his hands and knees when another voice stopped him.

“Don’t let her go!”

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