Is it crazy...

That I think my boyfriends ex girlfriend is like suppppper pretty?!? I just think she is so cute and like beautiful and I would love to be one of her best friends. It’s weird because she’s apart of his sisters group of friends so I see her and hang out with her occasionally. She is just sooooooooooo pretty y’all and like she reminds me of this boy celebrity that looks like an angel. I just hope she doesn’t think I’m crazy when I comment on her pics and shit.

Polscy oburzeni to raczej 40 plus. Nie skrzykują się przez społecznościówki, nie organizują flash mobów. Ale – jak mówią – walczą o prawa młodych. I za nich. Znów chcą obalić system.

– Nam chodzi o to, by żyło się lepiej, bo teraz to Bangladesz, chcą, żeby ludzie za miskę ryżu robili – mówi Mariusz, kolejarz z ponad 30-letnim stażem…

Aneonghaseyo! hahaha

I just want to share a print screen of my Twitter. Dati wala talaga akong interest sa twitter. Waley lang.. but then I’ve got a tweet buddy, no other than Phau of FZZ, highschool friend and a co-fangirl for korean wave. :p As in feeling ko sya lang talaga kausap ko sa twitter. magtwitter lang ako para magreply sa kanya ganun.. long distance relationship kami..

Sa kanya ko rin unang  nagamit ang feature na FACETIME. :) weeeh.katuwa kaya nun nabanggit nya na namiss nya ang puto bungbong ayun nagpainggit ako..chos.! hahaha..pinakita ko lang naman .. haha.. ayun yung related sa printscreen na toh.’

Malayo man malapit din..hahaha ^^, moral support sa jobless times ko…kaya naman, I am jobBLESSED ^.^ 

I super miss this 2pm girl! hahaha..

ilvoe fnp and im hapy im apoaort of it and im hapy im kin with freddy fzz and toy fredy and im japy i have friends on hehre who liek fnaf as mcuh as ido and im so hapy im ok with onyl beign able to draw fnaf itis so good i ahoenslty get so fuckign emtoioanl abotu ti fuck!