adormecendocomsereias said:

o que achou do jogo?

quando se tem atacante de verdade as coisas fluem.. grêmio jogou muito melhor que o inter, até me surpreendi. o inter vinha como favorito, por ter vencido o todo poderoso time boliviano la.. acho que era boliviano, nem sei… só sei que hoje até o marco antonio jogou bem, e pra quem ficava falando que o victor amarelava.. bom.. não preciso nem comentar

vbzombieguy77 said:

Carl is just a kid. He is trying to be mature and help out, but he still has the mentality and fear of a child. He was scared to death of the walker stuck in the mud. He's constantly stuck between two worlds. The world he knew where he could just run around and not have to worry about getting killed, and this world with the zombies. Have you read the comics? I know they're mostly separate, but it really gets into Carl's mind and mentality in the comics.

daryl got lost in the woods for weeks when he was a kid.. and when got home he made a sandwich of squirrels


latentatrice said:

Am I the only one who was really pissed that Lori had the nerve to call Daryl selfish just because he wouldn't go get Glenn and Rick? She should've just waited til they came back but instead she got herself into a car crash cause she wasn't paying attention and probably killed the baby. SMART MOVE, LORI!

thats what im saying


sopheff said:

Do you think that what Jenner whispered to Rick before leaving the CDC was that the disease was airborne? Because how else would the zombies wake up after dying without bites/scratches.

i still think he said “i banged your wife”

friendan said:

Hey! as another extreme TWD fan, I just wanted to tell you something totally awesome lol. So I live in Florida, and at Universal Studios here they have their annual Halloween Horror Nights, and this year THEY ARE DOING A WALKING DEAD HOUSE! There's a half-interview thing, and they said they're going to make at least one part of the haunted house the hospital, one part with the bike girl, and one part with the barn! I plan to audition to be a scare actor for it. It would be so cool if i got it!

i hate you.


seengingpeipes said:

At this point, I'm assuming it's gone airborne. But only affects you AFTER you've died, even natural deaths. Because it's already in your system, no bite needed. The virus works be re-activating dead cells. Which is why it only happens when you're dead. Just like Romero's Land Of The Dead movie. Just my two cents.

i agree..