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A wonderful new video from Azzy showcasing the latest update!

Watch out for the…APPLEANCHE!

Hello Seedlings! Downed Forums & Tug Survival Game Worries.


There’s that part, ‘nuff said.

As most of you know, Nerd Kingdom has the hopes of implementing Survival Game Servers some time in January as the first steps to testing their multi-player MMORPG game.

This is great news as it means they are on track, as well as giving us yet another great opportunity to test out and get early practice on survival and fighting, as you know, you will inevitably run into some stranger in TUG’s vast world, who may or may not be friendly.

They will also be testing different crafting recipes as well as different combat techniques and a bit of hinting towards traps. There will even be early forms of creatures for us to watch out for. Ohhh, scary!

But I’ve seen some worries from some of you guys about this, such as:


Not to worry, my soft seedling babies, everyone will have their happy medium. Fighting just happens to be one of the first things they are touching up on.


Read the full article here!

Now go to bed!

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Holy mother of Life…An amazing fan-made trailer by Meriandaplays. Nerd Kingdom is also accepting fan made music to use in game, here is the forum.

Are you going to attempt some fan music?

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  Tug Survival Mode Preview by Nekochu

Posted by Ino on Jul 15, 2013 11:17 PM

"HOLY cow what a long chain… it looks fairly unanimous that we should hold off and get this thing launched once we have the authentication measures complete. The good news is, we made astounding progress to overcome the deficiency, but we do still need to do a tad bit of testing to make sure it works effectively. As to not totally jinx what we have done, I will say that it will be ready soon, but that soon will not be tonight, as everyone is just run ragged after a 14 hr day.

Thank you all so much for your thoughtful insights and replies. This was a tough decision, but it sounds like you all have made a clear and intelligent choice for the better of our community as a whole. I will be sure that we get out a progress report out to you guys ASAP in the AM. Myself and many others will be up working into the night on other things to be prepped and ready for the next update.

We apologize if we let any of you down, we will do our best to not make that mistake again.

In closing… go watch Pacific Rim… its awesome.

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Ino on the topic of deciding to push the alpha release until tomorrow.