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I'm gonna be a freshman this year and I'm really nervous about making friends. I decided to do FYSOP since I heard it's a good way to make friends at the beginning of the year. Is that true? If not, will it be hard to make friends during the year?

It’s definitely true! I did FYSOP last year and it was awesome! It’s especially great because you are automatically grouped with people who share a similar passion to volunteer. I made one of closest friends at FYSOP, I still talk to some of the other kids and even my FYStaff. It was a great experience. 

It also shouldn’t be too hard to make friends during the year. There are about 4,000 other students going through the same transition as you and that alone creates a similar bond between you. Don’t expect to make many friends if you never really leave your dorm room though. Just remember to try and put yourself out there a bit and you’ll be fine!

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Adam the Fangirl 😱 #OHMYGODDDDDD #FYSOP24 (at Standish Village at Lower Mills, Independent Living, Assisted Living, Compass Memory Support)


The Public Relations Committee made a video to introduce themselves this week. Press play and get to “KNOW YOUR COS.”


FYSOP 24, Get Ready to Explore. 

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What exactly do you do at FYSOP? Is it a lot of work? And do you actually meet people u become good friends with? Is it something u highly recommend or just something that's just there?

So here’s the general breakdown of FYSOP.

The first day everyone breaks into their issue areas and they listen to people from various organizations around Boston speak about the issue and the importance that comes from helping.  I was in children so people in social services, school systems and hospitals came and discussed issues facing children in cities.  The first day basically gets you pumped up to help.

The next four days you go to different locations where you volunteer and help either directly or indirectly.  For example my group put together newborn baby care packages, cleaned up a high school and played with little kids in day cares.

The work really isn’t that hard. Everyone is putting a lot of effort in so it really goes by quickly and easily.

You do also make friends.  FYSOP is an easy way to bond with other freshman that are just as nervous/excited to be starting college and also have the same passion as you so it’s easy to form bonds.

I would recommend FYSOP.  I think at the very least you get to start the college experience a little bit more slowly. You get an extra week to adjust which really helped me. 

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I was wondering, if I apply to FYSOP is it guaranteed I will be doing it, or do only a select few get admitted?

If you apply for FYSOP I think you’re pretty much guaranteed to be accepted.  I’ve never heard of anyone saying they applied but got rejected. Do keep in mind though that you might not get your first (or even second) choice issue. I’m pretty sure you’re assigned on a first come first serve basis so apply early to get what you want.

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where do session 7 orientation people stay on campus if some students are already moved into their dorms for fysop? also, why is chem 101 so awful?? /:

Session 7 students usually move into their dorm rooms right away. Being that most of the attendees of the last orientation sessions are international students, the university understands how daunting move-in would be. Between late July and early August, BU will send you an email telling you to confirm your move-in date. You can select August 28th/29th (whichever they have listed as the earliest, you will probably move-in on the 28th). They may ask for a reason as to why you need to move-in early, simply state that you are in the last session of orientation.

Chem 101 is often referred to as being “the worst" because of the pace of the course as well as the course load. It’s a very intense course. The chemistry department at BU is very serious, thus making their courses very challenging this includes Chem 109/110 and Chem 111/112 as well. On top of that Chem 101 is a “weed-out” class, it’s designed to separate the weak from the strong.