I’m laughing so hard at people still getting up in arms about fyrm.  The only way that the blog owner is tracking these posts is because they are tagged #read more.  Are people just not aware of the fact that tagging a post is literally a way of asking for your post to be seen?  The hypocrisy of people just astounds me.  “I’m going to tag my post so people will see it but pretend like I want it to be private!  I don’t like the way that people are seeing it!  TAKE IT DOWN NOW YOU HORRIBLE PERSON GO KILL YOURSELF”

Really you guys?  REALLY?

If you didn’t tag your silly read mores in the first place no one would see them just like you wanted to, but you just can’t admit to yourself that you really do want attention.  Maybe once you can just accept that you are attention seeking, just like EVERYONE ELSE in the world, you’ll calm the fuck down.