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I feel cheeky asking this but I made a website for university and I know from following you that it relates to the sort of stuff you post. Is it possible to ask your kind followers if they could check out my website and send me feedback? Or even if you did that'd be great! It's a site for people to vent their anger against everyday racism. Tumblr won’t allow links so if you go on my tumblr, a link is on my latest post  thanks in advance!

C’mon my lovely followers, I know you guys are as anti-racism as I am so you should definitely check out the website link on this blog!!

Hurray! Half a year of FY Female Astronauts!

Fy Female astronauts was started half a year ago on the tenth of January 2012. In this period 250 posts have been made, of which 43% are reblogs and 90% are photo posts. The busiest months so far were May and June with both 51 posts. FYFA has 326 followers and the most popular post is this one of Joan E. Higginbotham getting strapped in for a mission simulation.

Next Sunday Sunita Williams will be launched with the Soyuz TMA-05M. When everything goes according to plan, this means there will be a female occupant of the ISS for the next half year and plenty of new material for FY Female Astronauts!  

I hope you’ve enjoyed it so far. Feedback and questions are always welcome in my ask-box. Submissions are much appreciated as well. Have a nice summer (or winter if you are on the southern hemisphere).

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why do all the answers to age gap questions seem to be negative? what's so wrong with dating someone who is older/younger as long as its legal/consensual ?

Nothing’s inherently wrong with it. The problem is that in many relationships with a large age gap, particularly when you’re younger, there’s a very definite power differential. And it’s toward the older person. And I would never push someone toward a relationship in which they didn’t have an equal voice.

This especially applies to relationships where someone is much, much older. Unless you are over 35 or 40, a ten-year age difference means that you have very very little in common. It is totally possible to fall in love with someone with whom you have nothing in common, of course. But it would just concern me in terms of the older person’s motives, and I’d be led to think about what they would get out of the relationship.

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The guy I like is always super flirty and yesterday he specifically asked me to hug him twice. We kept play wrestling over some ribbon and he was sitting really close right next to me. Yet he told me he just wanted to be friends. I'm not sure what to do.

Did he tell you this recently? If so, I’d say you should put some distance between the two of you, because he isn’t being honest about his intentions, and it’s unfair to you.

If not, try asking him again!

50shadezof-zozie said:

Alright me and my bf have been together for 9 months now.. He lives over an hour away. So it's a long distance relationship. He works as a manager at a clothing store. Full time job. 12 hours everyday except Wednesdays. So I only hear from him only 3 times out of his work shift until he gets off. Hearing from him meaning a text message. Is it so bad of me to get irritated and upset because I don't hear from him? People think that's clingy. I just hate not hearing from him...

It’s certainly understandable to feel that way. It can be hard not to hear from someone you care about. On the other hand, I think you might try giving him a break here. I’m sure he doesn’t enjoy not hearing from you either, but during work, he needs to focus on his job. I certainly don’t think you’re being clingy! But I do think that if the situation was swapped, you might appreciate some understanding on his part of not being able to talk all the time.

Is there a way you can compromise? Maybe have good long skype dates on Wednesdays, or facetime after he gets off work? That’s a better way to communicate anyway — you feel more like you’re with them — but won’t require him to multi-task with his attentions while he’s getting paid. Maybe he could call you on one of those breaks during his shift?

Talk to him about this! I’m sure you can come to a good agreement that suits you both!

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So I've like this guy since December (I know it's not that long) and a lot of people know that I like him and they tease us about it constantly. My friend recently asked what was going on between me and him and he said nothing, I don't know why everyone keeps asking. He also said he doesn't really want to date me. (According to my friend) Should I move on or wait a little bit longer? Should I do anything at all?

How much do you talk to this dude? Personally, I mean, not through your friend? Cause I feel like that would help you get a better sense of how he feels, and might also get you closer to dating him if you want to.

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PART 5 sadgirlfromNz . He stopped me from committing suicide multiple times and I have no idea what I would do with out him. I. Pretty sure he's sick of me. Because when we talk no it's all one word replies and I feel like he doesn't need me And I've been replaced. Sorry I didnt submit . I just need advice on what to do. I'm sick of crying and feeling like shit .

I only got this part of this and I want to help! Can you try submitting or sending it again? I’m sorry!

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One again... I'm the one hopelessly in love with that guy 200 miles away, and I just wanted to say thank you so much! I don't know if anyone has ever told you thanks, but it helped me a lot! This is definitely where I'm going to turn to for advice!(:

That’s so great, I’m glad :)

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So i was over my crush (who happened to be my ex boyfriend) then last friday after school he was like "aw no hug?"& when we hugged everything came back later that night he texted me and kept sending <3 after most of the txts. (( cont.))

On wed he asked out another girl and now when im around my friends he comes up too us to talk about her and it kills me inside. I know the best thing to do is move on but theres something about him i cant let go :(

Yeah, you really need to let go, babe. He’s leading you on, and it’s really unfair to you. I have a post about moving on you should take a look at, but really, I know it’s hard, but he is being a dickhole. So just let it go. You can do so so much better. I mean, I assume there’s a reason he is your ex?