Invisible Parents.

This is something thats very close to my heart, I think you guys should share it.


So i’m starting a pretty neat web series for parents who need a place to go.. Check out “The S.A.D. (Single American Dad) Vlog” 

I don’t use tumblr often so any help would be awesome on helping spread a platform for parents in need! 

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and the Vlog on twitter @ thesadvlog 

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I went through a rough stage and resorted to cutting at around 13yrs onwards. I don’t cut anymore, but I do have extremely faint white scars on my left arm. If the sun catches them just right though, you can see them a little more. 

I’m on teaching prac right now, with ages 5 to 6yrs and today we were doing some sensory painting. So this little girl points to my arm and tells me her sister had those too, referring to the scars, and we had a chat about how it made her feel. And this freaking 5year old child tells me, 'It doesn't matter about my feeling but about my sisters. I'm only sad for her.' The selflessness just blew me away. So I asked her what we could do to make her sister smile and she said we could colour over them to make them go away. So we practiced on me, and now I have a rainbow arm and a heart full of love and ladies and gentlemen if that doesn’t make you believe in angles, i’m not sure what will.

-In todays episode of Kerri tells a story.

anonymous asked:

Why do you run a blog for tattooed parents if you aren't a parent and don't have tattoos? You're fetishizing us and it's a bit insulting.

Excuse you, I have 3 tattoos.

I’m only 23 and i’m still at university. I don’t have my own house, or a solid job. I don’t have the ability to care for a child of my own. I actually don’t even have a boyfriend or a potential boyfriend (gentleman, hint hint) to have said child with, so no I’m not a parent but I have 6 nieces and nephews and they think i’m great. The people that choose to submit to this blog must not think i’m ‘fetishizing’ them, or else they wouldn’t submit.  so unfollow me or shut your mouth. 

Quick announcement, then go back to blogging.

Today is a good day. I got a nephew! Travis Raine, was born this morning. You can read about him here- alifelivedincolour.wordpress.com

He’s the greatest… obviously.. right?

The fact that I’m currently being judged for not having a whole body of tattoos is essentially the same as when a non-tattooed person judges tattooed people for their art. 

Idk, you people get me with your intentional meanness  And by ‘you people’ I’m talking to you anon people. Its chill, whats that old saying, “I’m rubber and you’re glue, your words bounce off me and stick to you.” 


anonymous asked:

the only thing that bugs me is when you insist on some posts that "this is a tattooed parents blog, only inked (visible tattooed) parent submissions please...." Yet a few posts later you reblog something stating "I know there/they aren't tattoos/tattooed but I had to reblog!!" Which is ridiculous. and makes you look hypocritical.

The situations in which i’ve done this:

1st- Ashtyn from kidsraisingkids received a parcel from a company for the traffic they recieve on their blog, I was incredibly proud of them.

2nd- Invisible Parents, which is a gay rights video for parents who have no rights to their children. Raising awareness because that’s absolute bullshit you know?

I went back to December’12 in order to validate this answer. Also the beauty of having my own blog is I get to choose what I post on it. If you don’t like that, please feel free to unfollow me as I’d hate to bug you. 

I also think I’m 75% done with this, I’ve had a pretty rough day and I’m not doing so well. Back to tattoos and the littles.