Such an entertaining video! But come on, I think even the secretary bird knew it was a rubber snake. 


Secretary Bird & Snake (by Norma Parado)

The silly music just enhances the video. 

Looking for some help

Hey there followers, I am sure you’ve noticed the blog slowing down. I must apologize for that, Life schedule makes it difficult to balance. But that's why I am coming to you guys! Would anyone be interested in helping me run this blog? Just look for some devoted secretary bird lovers(probably 2) who want to spread the love. Send me an ask if you are interested and we’ll work something out!

Hey Followers!

I might be late but I hope everyone had a happy and fun Halloween! Don’t eat too much candy you hear. Cant wait to see how November turns out and December just happens to be my favorite month. 

On other news this post will be my 100th Post! I am surprised I have been able to get this far but with followers like you, how could I resist doing more? I wish Secretary birds received much more attention though. Then maybe I could constantly update rather than be forced to wait. But that's why I wanted to remind you that Submissions are open!

Have a wonderful day and make sure to take advantage of the sales at your local food stores.