Regarding submissions/messages asking me to check out your cosplay.

Guys, I’ve mentioned this before, but I don’t really entertain messages asking me to check out this person’s or that person’s cosplay, especially when you’re anon. And I don’t accept submissions & prefers only to post photos/videos of my own preferences of ‘perfect’ cosplay because I don’t have the heart to accept one person & reject another. This really is a sensitive matter, you know?  You might want to check out the archives first before sending me messages like this, too, because who knows, maybe your/your friend’s cosplay has already been featured here.

Someone actually sent me a message once saying she/he(? Coz the message is anon) feels like quitting cosplay just because I ‘don’t bother’ posting photos from the link of Sailor Moon cosplay that she/he gave me. Let’s be real here- please keep in mind that this blog is run by one person (well there used to be 2 of us but my friend quit), therefore all these opinions of an awesome & perfect cosplay is by only one person. We made this blog in the first place for our own amusement & its definitely isn’t about popularity contest. Besides, I’m not a professional cosplayer (or even a ‘normal’ cosplayer for that matter) so if I don’t think your cosplay is good, many other people might disagree with me & thinks otherwise. Really, who cares about one non-cosplayer’s measly opinion on Tumblr whether your cosplay is great or not? If you’re happy with your cosplay regardless of what people thinks, then go for it. If people criticized you or directly says your cosplay sucks, instead of blowing your tops, why don’t you think positively & try to make your cosplay even better & prove them wrong? To me there is absolutely no reason for you to quit cosplay just because your photos aren’t featured on this Tumblog.

So yeah I will not enable the submissions button & if anybody send me an anon message after this wanting me to check out his/her cosplay, I will just delete it. To the anon who asked me about Brianna-Chan (& to all of my followers), sorry again for being a douche, but I hope you understand my situation here. Thank you! ^^;

anonymous said:

Have you seen Brianna-Chan's Usagi cosplay on her deviantart page?

Is Brianna-Chan her DA username? If that’s her, I’ve seen her page before. Well, there’s only one ‘cosplay’ folder of her wearing Usagi/Sailor Moon wig, and her wig is good & all & she looks very cute & suitable as Usagi, but to be honest & to put it bluntly, wearing a Sailor Moon wig & just a tank top does not considers as ‘perfect’ cosplay. I called that ‘closet cosplay’ & usually closet cosplay are never good, at least in my opinion. BUT if she ever wears a complete costume of either Usagi’s school uniform, Sailor Moon’s suit or Princess Serenity’s dress, I will probably feature her here. I hope I’m checking out the right Brianna-Chan though, but if I’m wrong please enlighten me. This Brianna’s artworks are beyond amazing, by the way.

OK I realised that I just CAN'T disabled ask box.

You know, just in case the owners of the pictures/videos uploaded here wanted me to remove their stuff from this Tumblr or something. But please keep in mind that I hardly go online these days so it might take some time for me to get back to you.

Also, I’d like to remind you once again, all of the pictures/videos posted here are considered ‘perfect’ & ‘the best’ Sailor Moon cosplay according to my opinion. Sorry if you don’t agree with me, but please keep your opinions to yourself about how you might think some certain cosplay/cosplayers are not perfect. I don’t mind if you reblogged about it, but don’t bother sending me messages saying how this cosplayer or that cosplayer are ugly or something. I will just delete all of your disrespectful comments.

One more thing, I don’t accept submissions because if I accept some submissions & reject others, people will get hurt. I also won’t post anything that you tell me to if you send them via messages. I hope you all understand what I mean.

And thank youu so much to all new followers! Have a nice day! :)