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1. What is your favorite book? I’m not much of a reader, tbh..might have to come back to me on this one.

2. Have you ever traveled out of your country? Where? Yes, I have. I went to Vietnam when I was in the 4th grade once. Technically, I visited Japan too, but that’s just because that’s where our flight connected to.

3. What are you obsessed in the moment?Well, what’s your definition of obsessed? :P But  to answer this one, I’ve been watch America’s Next Top Model, and I’m totally in  Willthew ship mode, rn. •ᴗ• give me more.

4. What was your favorite show as a kid?I HAVE SO MANY WE’D BE SITTING HERE ALL DAY. But to name a few: Teen Titans, Scooby-Doo, Zaboomafoo, Pokemon,Totally Spies, and The Powerpuff Girls

5. If you had to choose a hero to be your mentor, who would be?Honestly I don’t know. Probably Bruce, Cap, Clint,or Charles Xavier. Someone who’ll teach me that even though you may be super, you still have to stay humble and that everything doesn’t revolve around you.

6. What magical creature you would like to be?Probs a dragon or some tree spirit.

7. What is your favorite OTP? If you can’t choose you can put more than one. Everyone seems to have like 80,000 of these..Clintasha is one, but my mind’s just drawing a blank. OAO

8. What is your favorite animated movie?I’ve got 2 that I really like which are Princess Mononoke and Fantastic Mr. FoxFantastic Mr. Fox was much better the 2nd time around, since I understood more of the double entendres. But Spirit the Stallion of the Cimarron really does it for me. 
9. If you could kick any person in the world, who would be?Anyone and everyone who deserves it.

10. Which villain you would like to be? THERE’S SO MANY POSSIBILITIES. I probably wouldn’t make a very good villain to begin with tho..can I hire Natalie Dormer to be them for me? 

My Questions:

1. What’s the randomest fact that you know right off the top of your head?

2.You’re in a giant superstore that sells anything and everything. What aisle do you check out first?

3. Do you like to color code? (notes, clothes, organization in general)

4. Do you know any other languages besides the one(s) you commonly speak?

5. Dunk cookies in milk, or consume them separately?

6. What scares you the most about the future?

7. 5 characters you wish you could have as friends in real life:

8. A song that always gets you in a chill/mellow mood:

9. Best school/class trip you’ve taken:

10. Who/what comes to mind when I say ‘pumpkin’?:

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