I just .. I can’t even express how I feel about him. It really bothers me when gay people say things like “I have to win this cause I’m gay and I’d be the first gay guy to win this competition”. I always hear stuff like that and it pisses me off so much! So I think Adam’s point of view, like this “who cares about sexuality? it’s not important, I’m here to sing” thing is so amazing.

The guy is real, you know what I mean? I love how he tries to understand and help other people even though this subject wasn’t a big deal for him, like he says it was really easy and blah. And his mom’s attitude too… They really are the sweetest people ever. I just feel so proud right now, omg. I can’t even express how happy he makes me all the time. It’s amazing.

Right now I just wanna hug him and say “thank you” to him, because what he does means so so much. fkjaskjd I love him. kbye.



So I’m here taking over cause I told youuu it was your computer! Tumblr can be a bitch, we all know this, but it’d never be THAT horrible to not let you log in for days >.> I know mah bitch!

I don’t know if I was allowed to actually post but here I am, hope you don’t get mad XD







Der innere Krieg

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I Have Burned Your Bridges – Bild Karin Hansmann

Ihre Bildmotive sind düster. Die Figuren am Rande ihrer Existenz kämpfen und führen einen Krieg gegen sich selbst, den sie so nicht gewinnen können. Die freischaffende Künstlerin Karin Hansmann präsentiert bis Anfang Mai eine Auswahl ihrer Bilder in dem Kunstkaffee “Fyal – Fuck you Art Lovers”.

Karin Hansmann zeigt insgesamt…

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Okay Glamberts. Please read this, vote and reblog!

The O Music Awards are back, and it makes me kinda sad that they left the “Favorite Fuck Yeah Tumblr” category out. There’s a new one called “Beyond The Blog Award” and it’s not about /one/ artist, like last time, but I guess it could work too. I need your help to be in that category. They’re only gonna consider this site as a nominee if they get at least 25 suggestions per day.

If you’re willing to help me and the entire glamily to be in that category, you must be 13 years old (or older), and you need a facebook or a twitter account because you have to log in to nominate.

It’s really important that Adam appears in a lot of categories, even though some people think they’re stupid. The award this tumblr won last time means a lot because it’s not just *MY* blog, I consider it as a group and it’s all about Adam and his fans. Not just me. So.. I’ll be really happy if FYAL gets in that category, but if it doesn’t, I don’t care cause I’ll work on this tumblr just as hard, because I love Adam and all of you (and I’m not just saying that!). So thank you.

Here’s the link to nominate Fuck Yeah Adam Lambert: 




Besides all this stuff I just said, the Glamily is nominated for “Fan Army FTW” with Demi Lovato, Lady Gaga, Bieber, Tokio Hotel, Nicki Minaj, etc. So we really need to vote because, I know this year’s gonna be tough, but….. of course we’re the best! We need to get at least one award and that one’s pretty hugeee. So yeah, I’ll just leave the link here. VOTEEE!




This is the northern part of the KAOS crew. The picture was taken in Münster, home of the brave, in the north west of Germany. Actually, it’s a depiction of a reunion since none of us actually lives in Münster any more. Reuniting KAOS in Münster has nothing to do with mountains and skiing. Rather with drinking coffee, being DJ on parties, planning travels, smoking weed, celebrating random shit and generally living an easy life.

From left: Kaos  music member Moritz Moody (Maastricht). Then: friend Adrian, then Kaos management member Nina (Munich), Kaos model member Rick Zatacka (Berlin) and friend Lukas (Cologne/Frankfurt). Uhuhuh alliteration time! Nice to meet you again :)



It’s clearly the beginning of a new era, like he’s leaving behind all the drama and the glitter and stuff to really show who he is right now. I’m sososo proud omg, I can’t believe how amazing this man is, it’s crazy!


Guess what? I finally got my award! :D It came today and it’s so fucking precious, you have no idea guys! I’m just extremely happy and grateful cause I owe this award to all of you, to all the people who voted. It means the world to me, I work really hard on this tumblr and it’s such an amazing feeling when people actually recognize it. Thank youuuuu! Thank you so much! <3

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Happy New Year, Glamily!

I have to thank you all for this amazing year, I love being a part of this beautiful Glamily :) it gets kinda dramatic sometimes haha but still, all of you and Adam really changed my year, you guys make me happy <3

So thank you! I hope you have a great night with your friends and family and obviously, Adam’s music! <3

WHY do you guys feel the need to bitch about everything all the time? Jfc, just take a pill, smoke weed, have sex or whatever. But CALM THE FUCK DOWN!

What is all this bullshit about Adam’s ears and how he’s “setting a bad example to his fans” because of his damn piercings?!?!? Seriously? What the fuck guys.

If you like drama so much just leave this fandom we don’t need your shit here.

Now yeah, bye.