If you are listening to this kind of music and are okay with it, this post is not for you. 

Actually, yes it is.

It may not feel that way, but you need to hear it. This guy, and the likes of him, are the musical equivalent of a mullet. If you listen to shit like this, then in my mind, you have a mullet. A hideous mullet. One you are probably proud of. Hell, maybe you even have a special wooden brush you carry in your back pocket to get that fat wave in the sides of it. Maybe you even named your mullet? Who knows? As a friend, it’s my civic duty to tell you to lose that mullet. It’s a bad look. You know who likes mullets? Other people with mullets. Same applies here y’all.

Anyway, substance. Mr. Bryan and his commercial cohorts lack substance. Maybe they donate their time and contribute to local organizations. In which case, I applaud them. Musically? No way. You can’t convince me otherwise. They have nothing of substance to their music. They are as deep as a skeeter’s peter in a whale’s vagina. These people are polluting our airwaves and are being force fed to you by a suit. A suit who only cares about selling cheese to a misinformed people. Misinformed? Yeah, a bit. How many of you are aware that there is real music with substance? With soul, hurt, anger, joy, storytelling power out there? I’d venture to say not many, if this guy, and the likes, are your “go-to” musicians.

To anyone who knows better, this does not apply to you. Also, I love you all for being able to seek out quality and not settle. 

When people are getting rich singing about cheese-dick-bubblegum-shit with no substance, enough already. You deserve better. Your mind deserves better. Your soul deserves better. Real musicians deserve better. This is not country music. This is pop music with a fiddle and steel guitar, maybe a banjo and mandolin. And it is barely music. It’s about as country, as Lil’ Wayne is to real hip-hop. Not at all. Lyricists with no lyrics. All fluff, no nut, plain and simple. 

Make 2014 the year this shit stops. Give yourself something better. Seek out places to get real music. Stop buying this shit because you think it’s the only thing there is. It isn’t. I promise you that. There are musicians who have voices that deserve to be heard out there. Musicians who write their own music. Who share real things that in turn make you feel real shit inside of you. If this hurts your feelings, it’s what I believe and I’m not sorry for saying it. It needs to be said. More people need to say it. Seek out good music. Don’t dig my blog? I’ll recommend some other great people who have blogs. But FYACB, they don’t play good music on my local station! Guess what? They don’t on mine either! There are great podcasts and internet radio streams out there. Send me a message, I’ll respond back and point you to them.

Let’s have meaning and not be hollow. And for the love of whatever you love, not another fucking truck song. Please.

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Sometimes I get so mad I literally just want to throw up. That happened today. Mostly I think the anger came from my boss not standing up for me, and maybe a little from my ego taking a hit. The more I think about it, the more pissed off I get. I am very passionate about what I do, and more than anything I just want to be GOOD. I always want to challenge myself to be better. I think the fact that I get mad is good. It means I care and I am still passionate. But, on the other hand, this job is draining me dry. I don’t have the time or energy to do anything solely for me anymore. Some weeks just getting my laundry done takes a Herculean effort. I had to give up blogging and FYACB, and I can’t even contribute to DBN on a regular basis. It pisses me off. I used to write every GODAMN night. No matter what. But now there are no words left. There’s nothing to say except I feel empty.

That person was told to email me, Michelle Evans, at dearfrankturner@gmail.com. I’m not sure I ever received an email. I’ve looked for it in my account but can’t find it.

Anyway, there may be an opportunity to help run this blog as well as my new music blog, Fuck Yeah Alt Country Boys.

Please don’t message me here, though. Email me instead. Thanks!  :)


Jason Isbell - Alabama Pines

"Well I moved into this room, if you could call it that, a week ago. I never do what I’m supposed to do. I hardly even know my name anymore. When no one calls it out it kind of vanishes away."


I’m going old school today. Charley Pride - “Is Anybody Going To San Antone?”

"Wind whipping down the neck of shirt like I ain’t got nothing on. But I’d rather fight the wind and the rain, than what I’ve been fighting at home."


Lucero - It Gets The Worst At Night

Divorce. Fuck it in it’s ass. All the feelings and shit that comes with it too. I’ll live, I know that. But goddamn the days ahead are dark feeling.

Thankfully, these dudes have gotten me through some other dark times. They will get me through this too. 

Here’s to 14 years.


RIP Waylon Jennings, many have tried, but none have done it like you did.


Tim Barry - “Shed Song” from 40 Miler  

Austin, Texas musician, Jeff Whitehead will be releasing his album “Bloodhound Heart” on March 4th. I’ve been playing it recently and have really dug it. 

The band is tight. The pedal steel, lap steel and slide work really shines through. Jeff Whitehead has been busy touring and sharing the stage with some real talent too lately. Artists like, Jake Kellen, Walt Wilkins, Cory Morrow, Chris King and others. Scott Davis (Hayes Carll’s longtime guitarist) produced this.

My hands down absolute favorite song is “Pardon Me”. It’s a song that speaks to me and current life situations. Songs that are relatable hold weight with me. This one certainly does.

"Something Never Known" has an old familiar feel to it. It’s a haunting song with some great organ playing. Really solid song.

I’ve really enjoyed listening to this album. Jeff’s voice reminds me a bit of Ray LaMontagne. It has a nice rasp to it. It’s a bit different from the usual music we cover. It is a heartfelt, thought out album. This album has some Southern soul to it. I really dig it and recommend it to y’all.

Go give Jeff Whitehead a like over at Facebook.


No other song is more fitting for today than Lucero’s - “The War”.


Lucero - “Like Lightning” & “My Best Girl” from Webster Hall, NYC. I believe the video is compliments of the Berry Cam. Because Roy is rad like that!


I’ve been listening to quite a bit of American Aquarium lately. Great music and awesome band to see live too! I can’t wait until their Texas dates in the beginning of March. I plan on making at least a couple of the shows.It will be badass. Y’all check it out and see if they are playing near you and make it out. Seriously, it’s worth every bit of the hangover. Or as I like to call it, awesome withdrawals.


Raleigh, NC – In the business of music, many are called and many may try, but few cross the…

Dear FYACB Followers,

American Aquarium has a mission for you, should you choose to accept it. Read on…

Hey friends/fans/family etc…..

People always ask us what they can do to help us out as a band. Other than coming out to shows, we usually can’t ask too much more from you. So here goes, we need all of our friends/fans/family to tell your friends/fans/family about the band. That simple. If all 13,000 of our fans told 1 person about the band, thats 25,000+ people. So here we go. We are asking that all our fans share/like our statuses and invite people to like our facebook page for the next month. Luckily we can track the people that share and like us, so as a token of our appreciation, we will be giving out a free, full band show, in your living room to one lucky fan at the end of January and you get to pick the setlist. Pretty neat, right? So lets get to it folks.Get creative. Start sharing, liking and inviting for your chance to win a free show in your living room. Happy Holidays indeed.



Happy birthday Jimi! A genius, taken way too soon. Thank God for the stuff he left behind for us to enjoy. 

His posthumous “Blues” album is a great album too.

East Cameron Folkcore at The Scoot Inn in Austin, Texas last night. You just may think you’ve seen a great live show, but if you’ve never seen this band, you can’t make that statement. The air outside changed when they took the stage. This band is powerful. If you don’t own any of their music, please go buy some. So great in fact I’m kicking off day 2 of my weekend by seeing them at 1 today before I go see Lucero tonight. #EastCameronFolkcore #Lucero #ScootInn #Stubbs #StubbsBBQ #Austin #Texas #ATX #AltCountry #FYACB


Jason Isbell - “Songs She Sang In The Shower”