aaawh lawdeee

Benji got outside again..

harassing my neighbors …marking his territory…

at first i was mad bc its obvi that people inside my house arent paying attention and letting him out..

but im over it..

its too hot in san diego to be mad


It’s 13/12 already. (in Japan)
This day is my very special day every year.
Thank god to send this awesome guy to the human world.
(But you take him back so early na~~)
His name is Hideto Matsumoto.
He’s guitarist of X-Japan and…
He’s my HERO.
I love him with all my heart.
He taught me…
how is important to live…
with love and dream…
- Stay possitive, face of all fxxking problem and fight with all my strength -
I just want to say ‘Thank you’
like I have been said it every year.

Hide-san…I miss you so much.

Someday…we’ll meet just wait and enjoy your time.

Happy Birthday my forever hero.

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Why Bobby did not go after SM's rappers?

He can’t go for Yunho because Jaejoong would reply back with Fish and Cash and tells Bobby that he dialed a Wrong Number.

He can’t go for Chanyeol because he might faint while writing that diss lyrics and fans would make it a headline going “Chanyeol faint while writing diss lyrics video revealed” EXO-L.

He can’t go for Minho, because he is the fxxking rap god! No one touches “Dibidibidis my name is Minho!”

Stop stealing my fxxking rhymes
I pay you no mind
I don’t like you
I don’t give a fxxk abt you or care who you are.
Schemin’ 40 this 40 that 40 40 40

Like I didn’t say that shit in All Falls Down on #GoodBoyGonBadd

"Treat me like 50. States on lock all 50. I ain’t even pressed up 50"

Ewwww like no. If this is his way to reach out or try & get a reaction it doesn’t work.

I don’t fxxk w everybody in #OVO
I don’t even pay Drake no mind lol
I don’t even post abt him Ewwww
I’m over him Ewwww

So FXXK THIS polar bear looking ass
Drake dick sucking ass
I don’t even know you.

If it weren’t for him shyt #HipHop wouldn’t even fwu or know you. #DisgustMe @champagnepapi