[PARTY] #LaborDay Weekend #FreeSome 
Presented by KLK & @fwfnyc 
Music by DJ Nico 
Saturday, August 30 | 9pm-3am 
For location details and to RSVP, visit http://bit.ly/1C6Qjmr
Admission: FREE

The final BK rooftop kick-back before the summer’s end, and it’s all…. FREE

FREE Admission, FREE Food and Care FREE Fun… it’s been a good summer, lets Celebrate!

No frills we’re pouring up BYOB style
*Liquor store across the street*
($5 FUN Punch & $1 Jell-O shots also available for the daring)

Certified FUN DJ Nico will be spinnng the latest & greatest tunes!

Secret location
Address disclosed with RSVP.

Labor Day weekend #turnUP!!!

21 + w/ Valid ID 

Fun, Fun, Fun!

When is the last time you had fun with your friends?! You see, my idea of fun is extends to many different versions. Enjoyment, amusement, entertainment, or lighthearted pleasure, this online dictionary definition gives a great meaning to what fun is. The thing is I can have fun just by doing anything minuscule or major. I can have fun by watching tv, on the computer, or just talking with my girls. Really think about it, the things you don’t believe are fun, actually are fun things. You’re probably having fun reading this blog, aren’t you? Fun for me can come in any form, because I take a fun personality with me wherever I go. Besides, I am just that type of girl :-) However last night , I dragged my friends Lindsay and Taniesha with me to Brooklyn, to enjoy a simple yet fun night.

A couple of weeks ago while scrolling through various blogs and emails, I came across a Facebook like page named Fun With Friends NYC. I clicked on it and began to figure out exactly what it was. My first reaction was, isn’t this the name of a game? Then I decided to read a little more, only to discover, this was something legit.

"Two friends, one vision and loads of fun. These are the ingredients that fueled the biweekly social event known as Fun With Friends. College students, Jamal George and Francis Dolloway collaborated and incorporated their business savvy attitudes and their strong social skills to breathe life into Fun With Friends. Each event features a new, fun theme that affords patrons an opportunity to unwind midweek and simply have Fun With Friends. We hope that our events evolve into an enticing lifestyle for our FRIENDS!
….What’s FUN without your Friends?!”

After sifting through pictures of the past events, seeing cuties :-) and wishing I had found out sooner, I was interested. What a wonderful idea, I thought. Everything I saw in past event pictures was so detailed and well planned and this is what made me want to got to an event even more. After all I love networking and making connections with new faces. So, I kept up with the FwFNYC Twitter and Facebook pages and paid attention to their next event. Last night, was their “Candy Coated Movie Night” at The Candy Rush in Brooklyn. Although attendance was few in number, it was a relaxed atmosphere and the hosts Jamal and Francis were gentleman, without a doubt!

It was so cool that prior to the event they allowed us to vote for the movie choice  from a selection of movies. The movie with the most votes was the classic 90’s movie, Boomerang. What I loved the most about last night was that regardless of  how or who you were with, you could have fun.There were people with different stories to share, all from different walks of life. Last night reminded me of college night, there were plenty of times we just sat around talked and “kicked it”. Everything from the icebreaker to the backyard setting was an absolute FUN night. Oh and let us not  forget the 2hr train ride, coming and going, that Lindsay, Taniesha and myself had to endure. None the less, I had a FUN night.

I am truly reminiscent of many occasions in college that I enjoyed just fun, relaxed nights! Looking forward to many more FUN nights with FwFNYC and you should join too!!

What are some fun things you have done with friends?! #soundoff

Check them out :




Saturday we lived out our #FREESome dream. #KLK (@keriblee x @lodowndirtyfame x @_krissybaby92) & #fwfnyc (@fwfnyc) brought out hundreds of beautiful #FRIENDS to enjoy care FREE Labor Day weekend #FUN!

Thank YOU all for attending!
Thank you @trinimini x @__krazisexxykool x @nesstle_kissez x @antoinettelisa for all your help! And @certifieddjnico for playing all the tunes!

Funny story how we met @lonburgundy & @_chrisclassic… Here’s the short version: We crashed their house party (2 months ago), get @certifieddjnico to spin that night (he killed it) & the rest is history… #NetworkingisKEY #NewFRIENDS #fwfnyc (at Sweet Science)

An afternoon filled with great eats, great drinks & a great deal of…FUN!!! Thank you FRIENDS!!!
#fwfnyc #BrunchPunch

Fotos by: @photosbyjnp #photosbyJnP
Visit facebook.com/FwFnyc for all Fotos.
(at The Lofts at Prince)