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heyyysailor’s questions

1. What does your URL mean? Well Ive always had a desire to move away from the flat corn filled fields of west michigan, and iowa when I lived there and out west to the mountains.  To me there is nothing more beautiful, well maybe the giant redwood trees, than the mountains.  

2. If you could travel anywhere in the world tomorrow where would you go and why?  Honestly, I would probably pick Germany.  I also have a real strong urge to travel across Europe when I get older.

3. What is your dream car? Hmm, this is kinda tough cuz Im really not a huge car person.  I appreciate old shelby mustangs though.

4. What is your favorite fictional land?  Well thats gonna be Rivendale probably.

5. If you could be a person of the opposite sex for a day, who would it be and why?  Oh lordy.  Florence Welch.  I would just be singing all fucking day as loud as I could, and be all about my gingery lady parts as well.  I mean seriously, who wouldn’t if they woke up the opposite sex.

6. You can invite 6 people to have lunch with you, and they can be anyone from history (dead or alive). Who do you invite? Why?  These are too much for first thing in the morning haha.  But if I have to pick.  1. JFK, because well lets be honest, he was the greatest president ever. 2. Chris Mccandless aka Alex Supertramp.  If any of you have seen or read Into The Wild, you’ll know why.  3. Wayne Rooney.  He’s my favorite soccer player out there.  4. Neil Armstrong.  Because, who doesn’t want an astronaut at their dinner table.  5. JK Rowling. Need I say more? 6. Does Batman count?

7. If you could, when you like to know how and when you are going to die?  This one kinda scares me.  Im iffy on death, I would probably like to know when but not how.  

8. Why and how did your parents name you?  Because its a law that your child has to have a name.  lol kidding.  My names Everett.  My great grandpa, and my dads idol essentially was Everett, and he passed away just a few months before I was born.  So out came me, Everett reincarnated.  

9. Do you speak a foreign language? If you could speak any what would you learn?  Probably German, just because everyone always jokes around and says how you could be saying the most passionate, intimate things, and people would still think your angry.

10. What is your heritage, and are you proud of it? Well on my dads side Im 3/8 Dutch and 1/8 German.  Mums side is 3/8 Polish and 1/8 Irish.  I got the Dutch height thats for sure.  Well yeah Im proud, I don’t know much about my lineage though, Ive always wanted to look into it. 

11. Are you a cat or dog person?  Dogs all day.

Now for my questions

1. Would you be happy if we, America, had a king or queen and then parliament like other countries?

2. Sorry Im stealing this but I like it as well, What does your URL mean?

3. Do you have any favorite sports teams? Pro or College.

4. Best book you have ever read? 

5. What is your favorite vacation spot?

6. What is something that you strongly believe in?

7. How old were you when you found out the truth about Santa?

8. If you could magically wake up and acquire a skill set, what would it be? i.e. master of piano, being able to dunk, super smart at math.  etc. 

9. Favorite animal?

10. Are you a mamas girl/boy or daddies boy/girl? That sounds childish but you all know what I mean.

11. If you could be sent to any fictional land whether its a book or movie what would it be?  i.e. a Hobbit in The Shire, or the sixth new made up friend on How I Met Your Mother. 


we want to be a part

aside from what really matters

which people say is in the heart

then why do we focus on other’s perception

when we should focus on our own

for the little things are what matter

they make up the parts

cause it’s all about

what’s truly in the heart


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it’s said that everything happens for a reason and most people assume that reason as destiny but many people fail to realize that the “reason” is what you create and choose for yourself. you create your own “reasons” and destiny. it is cliche but true.

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Ok, first of all let’s chill out. Second of all you are stupid. It’s Mack-leh-more as clearly pronounced in “Can’t Hold Us” and Ben refers to himself as Mack-leh-more. Nice try though.

Hey guys so my grandpa is dying so I’m going across the country to say goodbye and attend his funeral. Please keep my family and I in you prayers. (thats why my posts will be slowing down this week)