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I open, get over stressed is never good and I know by some great experience. Anyway…..what is costing your stress?

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well i think ive mentioned it like a lot but basically my mom was wrongfully terminated from her job and wont get paid for all those years she worked bc she was fired without justifiable cause and not just laid off. my dads paycheck got cut by 20 percent. my moms insurance is gonna run out for all of us at the end of the month. mom is sick and in pain. i am going to have to change all of my meds which can cause a lot of problems for me and i might have to quit school again even tho im doing rly good now. bc i might be miserable when i go to knew medications bc my second insurance doesnt cover any of the ones im on now and i basically have 600 dollars a month to pay for all of my needs in terms of doctors and therapists and medications, food and school supplies. and i might have to start paying rent to help my parents out so that can cut me back 200-300 dollars a month so id basically only go to therapy twice a month and get my pills and i need way more care than that. and idk how its gonna go with the new insurance i just dont know what to expect. and my gf lives far away now and my mom is emoitonal absent and my dad has his own issues and i always feel so guilty talking about these things……. yeah. 

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Hey I just wanna know if the gif you made of the girl and her monster teddy is from a video game, I think I have seen this some where before but that was 7 years ago and would like to know.

Yes, it’s from PS2 Ghosthunter, is a really good game! 

i actually have the ost playing on my blog if you hit play!

I try my best to take simple jet a good pic of me with the help of a mirror just like other blogers….humff hummmf hudda.

I don´t fix my makeup often but when I do I like to get inspired by  Bayonetta, Lady and Rarity.
Geek in style like I use to say.

A old OC of mine. Charlie who dos´t look like that anymore, he is a bird human now.

I never finished it pic, but I still won the small art contest at a mini anime event.

The first prize was the book about Final Fantasy Advent Children -Reunion files-.

Shows how they made the whole film and some extra stuff about the story and the game.

it´s nice even do I don´t like the film so much the info and mini tutorials is awesome.