Dear colleges
My grades have been shit since 5th grade
That’s when it really hit me that I was different
The teasing turned into bruises
I turned to whatever was in the kitchen
Before that I was dealing with my drugged up whack job mom
Who dressed me up as her doll for my childhood
And got violent when she drank which was often
I took care of myself the best I could.
I grew up the as the odd one out
No matter how hard I tried I never won
Looking back on it now, I’m glad
Behind their mask it ain’t much fun
There’s a lot people like me, the loners
The artists, the musicians, trying to fall
Fall into a different step, an evolution
Even if the progress is slow and small
Those people have spectrum minds
And the lost ancient art of passion
They have fire flickering in their eyes
Showing the world what they imagine
It’s a glimpse into another’s view
A rare insight we don’t get often
Deep into the crevices of one’s head
Seeing the products of one subconscious
I love these people. I live for these people
I spent my life on a different wavelength
Those dreamers vibrate on my frequency
And that simple fact gives me strength
I spent a long time believing I was alone
That my vision wasn’t shared
But this epiphany hit me like a truck
Now I’m not feeling so scared.
Dear colleges
I am a smart girl with a lot of mistakes
But I am wise because I learn from them
All I want to do is live out my dreams
I’m working hard to prove my ambition
I’ve got dreamers marching behind me
and I will lead the way for a new age
For a good life basking in the sun
A shiny new day for us to make great
Dear colleges
I am a eloquent artist filled with vitality
But deep down I am a brave, naive girl
With a little bit too much empathy
And a will to change the world.