Okay, can we address this? I saw a post from fantasist-futurist okay lets talk about the fact that when we see Tony and Bruce meet Tony is in a jacket, a button down, and then the next thing that we see is Tony in his casual layered top and jeans look. 

I’m just sayin’ that I think Bruce definitely helped Tony with those buttons and that tie. 

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10 Futuristic Bedrooms That Will Make You Say Wow

If you love modern design then we have brought for you an eye candy of some futuristic bedrooms that take modernity to a next level. So take a look and enjoy:

1. A Bedroom with a Wooden Platform

Image via: cg architect

2. A White Room with a Floating Bed

Image via: just in love with berni

3. A Bedroom with Cool Shelving

Image via: decorat manzil

4. A Bedroom with Sleek Glass Walls

Image via: neo furniture

5. A Cool Purple and Orange Bedroom

Image via: architecturedesignstyle

6. A Beauteous White Bedroom

Image via: design homes

7. A Mesmerizing Bedroom with an Aquarium

Image via: inhabitat

8. A Unique Black and White Bedroom

Image via: viewhometrends

9. A Room That Seems to be Built in the Sky

Image via: lush motel

10. A Cozy Bedroom with a Textured Wall and Rug

Image via: home designing